Democrat talk Demonizes the Rich but their Actions Hurt Everyone Else - Granite Grok

Democrat talk Demonizes the Rich but their Actions Hurt Everyone Else

Middle income and poor Americans always suffer when Democrats talk about making the rich pay their “fair share”.

Biden’s destruction of our energy independence doesn’t hurt billionaires or millionaires.  The rest of us suffer from higher prices for gasoline, heat, food, and other essential goods.

The Democrats’ multi-trillion dollar “Build Back Better” bill increases our business taxes and regulations above China’s; businesses and millions of good American jobs will be lost.

Ten years of unlimited Green Cards will let billionaires replace American workers with low-cost foreign workers.

85,000 new IRS agents and new bank reports aren’t needed to make America’s rich pay their “fair share”.   Taxes will increase even for some people earning under $50,000 (

Democrats won’t meaningfully increase taxes on their rich donors.  They aren’t eliminating the tax loopholes created for the rich, e.g., S-Corporations and “Carried Interest”, but they want to increase the SALT tax deduction to $80,000; obviously only benefitting the rich.

Wind and solar farms will get more subsidies.  Rich Democrat businessmen like multi-billionaire Warren Buffett will benefit while our cost of living increases and the reliability of our electricity supply decreases (remember the deadly California and Texas brownouts and blackouts).

Democrats will throw in a few goodies to seduce gullible voters.  But, Democrat promises and goodies are like the “free” cheese in a mouse trap.

Democrats say we should “lower our expectations” and give them more power … supposedly to “fix” the pain that they caused!!

Democrats are making most Americans poorer, is that why they were elected?   Hopefully voters are learning that Democrat promises are false.