"Courage is Not the Absence of Fear" - Granite Grok

“Courage is Not the Absence of Fear”

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Australia, New Zealand – what used to be thought of as Free and Democratic nations have been overrun and turned into Sununu “Public Health trumps EVERYTHING” nations by healthcare tyrants who forget that Life is more than just fear of disease.

Especially one that is survivable by 99% of the population below 70 years of age.

Those nations are locked up, shut down, and starting up “medical apartheid States” by removing freedoms.

Finally, the common folks (in Austria and the Netherlands as well) are starting to yell “NOT ON MY WATCH!” with a Cold Fury determination.  Just as I ask about the GOP (is the Party for the High Officials or the lowly people at the bottom), one can ask the same thing about nations – does a Nation “belong” to the highest Elected Representatives (or mere unaccountable bureaucrats and folks like Fauci) or to the people that voted to put them into those seats and hired others as their employees?

Methinks that for far too long now, those at the top have severely forgotten about what their true roles are to be in Society – especially when the People start to stand up and tell them “no more.”



America was founded by those that no longer wished to be ruled by the old European aristocracy – Freedom was their goal and on an individual level. We thrived because of people who refused to “accept their assigned roles in Society”; they no longer accepted the “social construct” of Societal caste systems. They were willing to die to be, as the US Marines used to say “The best you can be.”

Australia, on the other hand, was founded as a penal colony – ruffians, rapscallions, and dangerous men indeed. A far different starting point.

But both, eventually, worked to independence from the Crown and living in Freedom.

Which in many cases, has been taken away by those believing they have the right to make ALL decisions for others instead of letting us make them for ourselves.

And now we’re seeing a “return to our roots” in all four nations when people have had enough and the “leaders” can’t “read the room”.

Courage – the willingness and fortitude to stand up and fight for what is right even though one could lose everything. Not the absence of Fear but the controlling of it in fearful situations. This gentlemen fought it and fought for freedom despite it.  Now, seeing the need and hearing the call, returns to the fight again. Different, but the same.

So, what are YOU doing?


(H/T: Conservative Treehouse)