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Cornerstone’s Ian Huyett on the Lawsuit against the Exeter School District Policy –

Ian Huyett

It seems that the NH School Board Association (“NHSBA”) Policy JBAB is now getting the attention of people who value the First Amendment’s Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion (“free expression”) over the social mob’s outlook.

That anyone disagreeing with them must be punished, Constitutional values or not.

This is the second lawsuit that has been filed, the latest by Cornerstone Action’s Ian Huyett, in the defense of a minor child that plays football for Exeter High School.

His crime?

His faith holds that God created man and woman (male and female) and that one cannot just arbitrarily proclaim that they are now the other sex from that they were conceived.

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This issue, as I’ve written before, is both a matter of faith and basic biology.

The Left is demanding that we ignore that basic biological status – their version of “mind over matter” taken to the extreme.

In this case, “John Doe” was punished for standing up for his worldview against a pro-transgender (but not suffering from gender dysphoria himself) student that continued later, off school grounds and via texts.

Those texts were screenshotted and shown to a Vice Principal who, along with the football coach, meted out a week of athletic suspension (later reduced to a single game).

So, here is Ian talking about the lawsuit:

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3: