Breaking: Southwest Pilots Win - Vaccine Exemption Requests Have Been Approved - Granite Grok

Breaking: Southwest Pilots Win – Vaccine Exemption Requests Have Been Approved

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Pilots at Southwest Airlines have won an enormous victory. The company has announced it will honor all COVID19 Vaccine Exemption requests.


“A pilot at Southwest tells me the company just approved their vaccine exemption and all the exemptions from other pilots they know on the same day,” Starbuck said. “Automakers also just agreed with unions to not require the jab. We’re winning. Biden’s medical segregation policy is falling apart.”


Bad News Biden is suffering setback after setback since trying to use OSHA to mandate The Jab™. Over half the State’s AG’s filed a lawsuit against the private employer mandate, which was stayed by the Fifth Circuit. Shortly after OSHA announced, it had abandoned pursuing enforcement guidelines until after the case and worked its way through the court system.

This effectively killed it as it had little to no chance of surviving a constitutional test (words I hope I don’t have to eat). But winning in court was probably ever the point. Making it an issue and getting it out of the narrative mill was, and they did.

Whoever is Running the Biden Administration (WRBA) proceeded to tell private companies to enforce it anyway. You know, because it’s the right thing to do. And some have, but unions in particular – a typically reliable mule for Democrat policy – have balked all over the nation.

Mandates have been followed by terminations or departures as individuals of conscience or just common sense walk away rather than be forced to abandon the right to self-defense from unwanted medical interventions.

Just say no to drugs, especially if you are healthy. You have more to fear from The Jab™ than COVID. There are OTC treatments for COVID. There is very little available to protect you from the damage potential from the COVID vax.

Southwest pilots staged a sick-out, causing significant service disruptions. The Airline tried to spin it, but it became clear that pilots were serious about their exemptions, and more of that could be in store.

If we could get vaccinated doctors and nurses to stand up for the rights of their co-workers, the completely avoidable shortage of health workers could have been avoided. Sadly, their position was that some vocal majority could force everyone else to accept a chemical injection even if they had a conscientious objection.

Perhaps the Airline and Auto unions will spark a fire under the backsides of others, and this movement will gain momentum.