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What a Teacher Thinks about Parents …

Leah Kinyon via The Blaze via Amber Lyon

To be sure, there are still teachers in Government schools that still value the old(er) fashioned teaching profession values – educating but not indoctrinating, polite and not strident, and pleasant and not mouthing off.  Especially to her students about their parents!

We’re going back to August for the clip below but the “Movement” against Parents has been going on for a decade-plus.

As I’ve written before, going to a Moultonborough (NH) School Board meeting over students going to an event held by Plymouth State University “activists” in which Parents were not allowed entrance to some of the breakout sessions; some Parents had already figured out who these activists were and their agenda and it didn’t fit Parents’ ideas of what School was for. One teacher at the meeting stood up and berated the Parents with (and I paraphrase):

In many things, your kids are smarter than you

Imagine that, an employee calling those that paid her salary STUPID?  But it has only gotten worse as Utah’s Alpine School District – Lehi High School chemistry teacher Leah Kinyon “went there” (emphasis mine):

Kinyon then told her students that “most of y’all parents are dumber than you. I’m gonna say that out loud. My parents are freakin’ dumb, OK? And the minute I figured that out, the world opens up. You don’t have to do everything your parents say, and you don’t have to believe everything your parents believe. Because most likely you’re smarter than them.”

What a jerk. But certainly indicative of how a lot of teachers view Parents. I’ve related before that my son’s fiance’s Professors conducting her teaching classes told her, a number of times, to not trust Parents. Thus, the mentality in the teaching profession is there – bite the hand that feeds them. And we wonder why schools are taking over more and more of what a Parent is supposed to be their responsibility.

Kinyon really went off on other political topics – which I maintain that any decent teacher shouldn’t go there. Not their purpose, not what they are there for – to teach reading, writing, and ‘rithmatic – but not Radicalism.

What a belly aching be-yotch. NOTE: a couple of bad words


She’s no longer employed there.

The Left has made YOUR kids their political pawns – this is a CLASSIC example of Government trying to divide children from their Parents. It is happening and if it happened there, it can be happening in your town as well. To your children.

I used to tell Conservatives to always have a camera ready. Sadly, we now have to equip our kids with such recording devices because they ARE after your children.

(H/T: Fox13now via The Blaze)