Unions Demand Teachers "Log" Students' Vaccination Status - Granite Grok

Unions Demand Teachers “Log” Students’ Vaccination Status

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A teacher in New Jersey is exposing the union for gathering vaccine data on students and their families. She reports that an app developed by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to data-mine information should be used by teachers to gather vaccine data on families.

Jennifer Mess, a New Jersey public school teacher, said Sunday on ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ that her stomach was “churning” after watching a teachers union training video enticing her and her colleagues to log the vaccination status of students and parents into a progressive app.

The video, produced by the vaccine equity nonprofit Made to Save as well as the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the National Educators Association (NEA), reportedly instructs teachers to upload their conversations with students and parents into the campaign app Reach, in exchange for rewards like gift cards.

Someone needs to check the FERPA law. While it does have loopholes, it doesn’t seem lawful to upload this data to an app.

Politics Before Parents and Kids (And Teachers?)

This is just another example of the unions working on behalf of the Democrat party instead of teachers or your children.

Years ago I reported that the national teacher’s unions (NEA and AFT) signed off on a document that would basically make the teaching profession obsolete. Education Reimagined is a paradigm shift in public education to a technology-based education that eventually removes the teacher from the classroom. Students would go to community centers like the YMCA, where a facilitator would be in charge of children sitting in front of a computer screen.  Instruction would come from either the computer program or a teacher who could be in a different state teaching the lesson to a large number of children through their computer.

Go to page 10 and look at how teachers are phased out of the classroom. Then go to the end of the document and look at the signatures. One from the AFT and one from the NEA. This is an agenda for EdTech to make big profits.

If you think this isn’t going to happen, it was a priority for the disgraced ex-Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo. He lays out his plan for shifting to technology here.  Bill Gates who has been one of the biggest contributors to the destruction of public education, would be working with the Governor on this plan.

I asked a researcher why would the teachers unions want computers to replace teachers? Her response was because they are a front group for the Democrat party.

When you understand that, this agenda begins to make sense. Keeping schools closed and remote works to the benefit of EdTech companies. Who is in bed with Big Tech? The Democrat Party.

If teachers realize that they are paying a union that abandoned them, we may see more teachers speaking up.

Highly qualified and educated teachers in the classroom doing what they do best – teaching, is a recipe for success. When they don’t bring a political agenda into the classroom, but bring their gifts and a high quality curriculum, children will receive one of the education available to them. Public schools would thrive again, and teachers would go back to loving their job.

Teachers need to start by defunding the union. Withdraw your membership if possible. If they aren’t serving you, money talks.
Find ways to defund the union and my guess is, you will get their attention.