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Senator Tom Cotton – bill to stop School Board from usurping Parental Authority

Tom Cotton - LFGC HCRC Shoot

You may have the bill, Senator, but I’ve got the lawsuit.

Actually met Senator Cotton at the Hillsborough County Republican Committee Machinegun Shoot back in July (above, video here). And a tipster alerted me to fact that he was putting in such a bill so I called his DC office. His receptionist, Austin, was kind enough to send me a short blurb on it (emphasis mine):

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) today introduced the Empower Parents to Protect Their Kids Act, legislation that would prevent K-12 schools from performing a “gender transition” on children behind their parents’ backs. This bill would also empower parents to sue schools that violate this Act by hiding or withholding information about their child’s “transition.

BINGO!  This zeros in on the facts that:

  • Schools now believe that someone else’s kids are theirs
  • Parents should NOT have the responsibility for their own kids
  • And they give themselves the Power to LIE to Parents about their child’s transgender status at school (by omission or commission)

From Fox (reformatted, emphasis mine):

Cotton is introducing the Empower Parents to Protect Their Kids Act on Thursday to address numerous U.S. public school “policies to allow students of any age to change their name, pronouns, gender identity and even sex-based accommodations (e.g. locker rooms) without parental notice or consent,” according to a bill summary exclusively obtained by Fox News.  “Schools should work with parents to support kids,” Cotton told Fox News in a Thursday email. “But when it comes to ‘gender transition,’ many educators believe they know better and have undermined or even outright lied to parents about their own children’s welfare…That’s wrong – my bill will help moms and dads fight back against schools that try to take away parents’ responsibility for their children,” the senator continued.

Legislatively, Cotton’s bill would stop federal funds from going to public schools if they do not follow three “requirements regarding minor students”:

  • obtaining “parental consent before facilitating a student’s gender transition in any way,”
  • not withholding “information from parents or coerce students to withhold information from their parents about their purported gender identity,” and
  • not pressuring “parents or students to proceed with any specific treatment for gender dysphoria.”

This is exactly the second point of my lawsuit – that the school, if the Grandson went trans, would not tell me. They would take on the child’s “well being” over Parental Authority.

I’ve asked, the next time that the Senator comes to NH, for an interview with him on this topic.

He’s wise to have put this in – the Democrats are making big mistakes all over by insisting that they have control over EVERYONE and their kids. Just like with local Republican Representatives, who can put themselves on the side of their voters in helping them with their School Boards, this addresses the local Boards at the national level.

It’s sad – if School Boards actually acted like other Elected Representatives, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, Superintendents and State level School Boards have “captured” and “groomed” them to act otherwise.

Here’s the bill:

Senator Tom Cotton Empower Parents to Protect Their Kids Act


(H/T: FoxNews)