Lithuania is Approaching Record New Cases Despite Being Over 60% Vaccinated and a COVID-Fascist State - Granite Grok

Lithuania is Approaching Record New Cases Despite Being Over 60% Vaccinated and a COVID-Fascist State

Orwell 1984 Two Minutes Mask Hate

The population of Lithuania is 2,672,907.  Over 66% of that population has had at least one shot; the number of fully vaccinated is over 61%. They strictly enforce vaccine passport guidelines. Masks are required. The unvaccinated cannot shop, dine out, or work, and fines are steep. So, why are they nearing a COVID case per day record?

December 19, 2020, Lithuania hit a case per day record of 3928. As of October 20, they were reporting 3,622 new cases per day.


Lithuania Near Record cases in October over 60% vaccinated


It’s not even flu season yet.

The spike has happened in a locked-down, vaccine-passport-limiting nation with an above-average percentage of vaccinated in October. No one is attending public events unmasked or unvaccinated.


Life under EU strictly enforced covid pass tweet


Despite fulfilling every public health Stasi narrative peddled by the Covidistas (and being one of the strongest enforcers of these policies in the world), cases are nearing record levels. I’m no geometry expert, but this scheme does not flatten the curve.

We, of course, know why this is. We’ve known for a while. Nothing they do works, nor does it have a damn thing to do with public health.

Related: 2020 Study in NIH Archive – “COVID-19 Vaccines…may Worsen COVID-19 Disease via Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.”

Earlier today, we shared the 2020 study collecting digital dust in the NIH archive that admits these vaccines could make people more susceptible to COVID19 and other pathogens.

The report is archived at the NIH. They know this, have known it, for almost a year. Not only did they ignore it and move ahead with the inoculation regime, but they’ve also put up barricades to alternative treatments of any sort.

In Lithuania, you can’t work or shop if you are unvaccinated, a program progressives in the US would love to enforce. But we know that if you are vaccinated, you may be at higher risk of both infection and spread. And they get to work, and shop, and go to concerts, and travel by air.

But if you can, the CDC has some warning for you about the Pro-COVID Fascist State.


CDC Lithuania COVID Level 4 Very High


If this is your idea of Public Health, I’ll continue to take a hard pass.

And yeah, all of your motives are suspect. Nothing you want works.