If You Kneel for This You Will Have to Kneel for Everything. - Granite Grok

If You Kneel for This You Will Have to Kneel for Everything.

Biden - Obey

Here’s what we believe. You should decide if you want to wear a mask. You should determine if you want the COVID vaccine. The same goes for your kids.

We think you should be able to see and sift all the science, opinion, and news from junk to peer-reviewed, mainstream to cutting edge, and then make a choice that’s best for you.

The Left defines that as being anti-mask and anti-vaccine.  That is the narrative with which the Left will run from now until the elections next November.

Protecting or defending your choice, the right to choose is not a choice.

The only choice is their choice.

Mandating masks. Requiring vaccines and papers to prove it. Having to present those papers on-demand and being refused products or services if you do not or cannot.

You shall accept whatever pharmaceutical they claim is necessary to fulfill their mandate and only read or listen to the science or opinion on it that they approve.

And you must follow every restriction they can imagine, “vaccinated” or not. Forever. And not just with COVID19. If you kneel for this, the Left will try to make you kneel for everything.

Taking some things or everything from you is a price they are prepared to make you pay from this day forward, as long as you both shall live.

And anyone who does not take all of these positions is a Right-Wing extremist.