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Ice, Ice, Baby! …

Ice frozen bubble Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

In 2020 we entered a grand solar minimum after exiting a grand solar Maximum. You had nothing to do with either, but politcal freaks saddled up the latter as a mule for socializing and controlling energy and your ability to use it.

You know the rest. Global warming was rebranded as climate change, climate chaos, climate doom, and we are at a point where no weather event can escape political spin, always in a leftward rotation. But they still cling to the well-worn narratives of old. One of which is sea ice.

This is near and dear to their blackened hearts because it fuels another fantasy. Sea Level rise (SLR).  SLR sounds scary. Poseidon’s rage swallowing up the shoreline. Vengeance against irresponsible mortals and their fickle abuse of the earth mother’s resources. Not scary enough to stop rich libs from buying cozy beachfront properties at which to relax after pontificating at length on how you are destroying the earth.

You pay they play. Marxism On, Dude!

Sea ice locks up water at the poles but has nothing much to do with sea level rise. First, melting ice in water does not raise the level of the sea. Second, most of the measured changes are a result of isostatic rebound. The sea isn’t rising the ground is moving. Your SUV has nothing to do with that either. But the fate of sea ice, like the fake news about polar bears, sells. It’s marketable. More tangible than solar cycles and easier to imagine.

So, imagine the surprise of the Left when one year into the solar minimum both poles see a significant increase in ice formation?

The response is rule on for Fight Club. No one talks about it. If forced to respond say something like, “the weather is so variable.Or,


The weather gets cold, and the jokes come out. “Whatever happened to global warming?”

Sometimes, though, it’s not a joke. Sometimes, it’s a sign that the person asking the question doesn’t fully grasp the science behind the climate change. They may not realize that one data point – Antarctica’s coldest winter on record, for example – isn’t enough to invalidate a wider trend.


That’s true, unless it sells the approved narrative which is why this quote is utter garbage. One way highway and it leads to socialized energy. Which isa very real problem for all the climate cultists. Once the Reds are running things, they’ll have very little in the way of resources to fund anything, especially all the “groups,” and “scientists” who have been butter their bisquits in exchange for funding.

The rise in easy money will abate, leaving all but a few unemployable. They will have tapped out that resource and left themselves standing empty handed on a barren plain. And I’d find that amusing except for this. We’ll all be standing next to them, watching Barry Obama or John Kerry or some other left-wing meat-puppet give us speeches (on the mandated government news channel) from their beachfront homes.

You know, to improve morale.