There's 25% More Arctic Ice Than Last Year. "Expert" Says It's 'cuz “the weather is so variable.” - Granite Grok

There’s 25% More Arctic Ice Than Last Year. “Expert” Says It’s ‘cuz “the weather is so variable.”

Polar Bears Photo by Hans-Jurgen Mager on Unsplash

The world is ending because of climate change, and the only cure for that is a disciplined march toward Marxist-Leninism. The government will fix it, they say, using a system incapable of fixing anything but the succession of one-party state power.

You’d be right to question their motives. These governments are the worst polluters on the planet, and while American Marxists say, no, we’ll do it differently, one look at any Democrat-run city proves them wrong. It’s not pretty, so we get smoke and mirrors and sleight of hand.

Look, polar bears trapped on melting ice floes, and we’re telling you they are in danger, and it’s your fault. The only hope is for you to give me more money and power.

Before you do that, a few thoughts. Did you know that they started keeping track of polar ice in 1979? At the end of a long cold spell, the media used to predict an ice age. And right before the beginning of the recent solar maximum (which just ended), that was our fault and justified massive political takings, legislation, and redistribution.

Contrary to the preferred narrative, polar ice has fared well, with both poles rebounding further in recent years to the sound of crickets (or outright lies) from the self-appointed gatekeepers of truth in the media.


Scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center announced Wednesday that the Arctic ice sheet extends 25 percent further than it did last summer, with 1.82 million square miles of ice at its annual low.


You won’t read about that in the local or national “news,” just as you never heard a peep about the significant ice recovery in the Antarctic.


In July 2021, Antarctic sea ice-covered 6.32 million square miles, which was 160,000 square miles above average in the 43-year record of the ice sheet, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.


It’s not “the news that’s fit to print” it’s “the news that fits the narrative.” Rushing in to help is an extent expert.


“The extent is higher than in recent years, but that is not telling the full story,” explained Mark Serreze, executive director of the National Snow and Ice Data Center. He added that this year is a “reprieve” and that “the weather is so variable.”


Do you know what’s not variable? How bad the spastic Marxists Enviros are at predicting the future of weather and the planet. They can’t seem to get anything right. That’s probably because the weather is so variable while the goal motivation for one-party state power marches onward, unchanged.