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Help Protect Abortion-on-Demand …. Donate to the NHGOP

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So I received an email from Cornerstone about the Judiciary Committee gutting New Hampshire’s modest abortion protections and returning New Hampshire to abortion on demand … at any time … for any reason:

On September 28, at an executive session of the House Judiciary Committee, two Republican members of Committee—Rep. Ned Gordon (Alexandria, Ashland, Bridgewater, Bristol, Grafton) and Rep. Joe Alexander (Goffstown)—advanced an underhanded plan to destroy the Fetal Life Protection Act, New Hampshire’s only protection for late-term preborn children. 

Taking up an obscure pro-life bill that had been retained from the previous legislative session, the Republican-led Committee rewrote the bill—HB 622—into what is effectively a complete repeal of New Hampshire’s late-term abortion ban, rendering it unenforceable and meaningless. By gutting our only protection for the late-term preborn, the rewritten bill would effectively return New Hampshire to unrestricted abortion up to birth. 

You can’t punish all the Republicans for the actions of a few, you ask? Let me ask you a few questions in return.

Why was pro-abortion Ned Gordon made Chairman of this Committee in the first place? Why is pro-abortion Ned Gordon still a member of this committee … never mind still its Chairman … after his vote  against restricting late-term abortion? If you answer … because the NHGOP Establishment does NOT support any restrictions on abortion … that’s a bingo.

Every dollar you donate to the NHGOP is a dollar that will go to support Ned Gordon and his RINO ilk.

Next question. Do you really believe that Joe Alexander was not acting as a puppet for Sununu, Inc.?

Wake up. It does not matter what the NHGOP platform says about abortion because the people who actually control the NHGOP disagree and/or don’t care.