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Give the BEST Halloween Treat EVER!

Pumpkin jack-o-lantern halloween original Photo by Łukasz Nieścioruk on Unsplash

Today I saw a post from a friend that I thought was genius. In addition to handing out some yummy candy this Halloween, why not throw in a copy of the United States Constitution?

Many children are not required to read this important founding document before they graduate from high school. So why not give them a copy when you are handing out treats?

Louri Boilard said she buys them at a very reasonable price on Amazon.

US Constitutions

Some people have donated copies to local schools in an effort to get kids to read the document in school.

Parents had to sign a permission slip in Windham in order for their kids to receive a copy of the U.S. Constitution. Can you imagine, a school administrator thinking they need parental consent on a document that should be read by every student who graduates?

Please parents, when you see this, take it to a public school board meeting. Hold accountable the people who are dumbing down our public schools. Every child should have read the U.S. Constitution prior to graduating from high school. If they are not requiring that, let your school board know you expect better from them.

Windham Consent for Constitution

If you want to help our kids grow in civic knowledge while scarfing down some of that candy at Halloween, this is a fantastic idea.

Thank you Louri for a great idea!!!  Happy Halloween!!!