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Yep, It’s LSR Time at the State House. And It Will Be Important to Watch

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If you are a political activist concerned about Liberty and Freedom, start watching here, the LSR Results page.  Here you will find all of the “proto-type bills” that may well end up becoming law here in NH.

No, not all –  a session may have 800, 800, to over 1,000 ideas put into the hopper at the beginning of the process. While some are “technical corrections” to better explain or fix what turned out to be a flaw the first time a bill became law, many are brand new.

An LSR (or Legislative Service Request) is just a request to turn an idea into language that will then be debated in one or more committees in either chamber.  Some are just ideas like this from one of my Representatives, Norm Silber (R-Gilford):

LSR - Norm employers and COVID vaccinations as condition of employment

This title gives a clue as to what it is but many do not (like Howard Pearl’s “relative to wholesale distributor licenses”). I have no clue what that one is about. Some, however, are passed in either fully or mostly crafted in the proper legislative language. However, until the Legislative Services bureaucrats tune them up, assign them to a bill number, we won’t have any ideas.

The number is the LSR identifier, HB says it was entered by a NH House Rep (as opposed to a NH State Senator), Title is a “working title,” and the Sponsors are the ones behind the LRS / Bill-To-Be. And then the name of the person putting it in. Clicking on the name at the LSR page (and not here – that’s just a picture) will bring you to their Roster entry.

I am casually perusing and have already contacted a few House Reps about their LSRs – I’ll let you know if I find something interesting, important, or just silly.

I will tell you that I did contribute to an LSR and will tell you about it later. Anyone can and many of the LSRs are from constituents of Elected Representatives rather than from the Representatives themselves.