Notable Quote - No, it wasn't Slavery that broke Black families; it was White Progressives with "good intentions" that did - Granite Grok

Notable Quote – No, it wasn’t Slavery that broke Black families; it was White Progressives with “good intentions” that did

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Empirical evidence has likewise seldom been mentioned by those who make a common claim, advanced by [Nicholas] Kristof among many others, that “Slavery and post-slavery oppression left a legacy of broken families” among blacks. But the plain fact is that the proportion of black children living with only one parent was never as great during the first hundred years after slavery as it became in the first thirty-five years after the great expansion of the welfare state, beginning in the 1960s. Yet the “legacy of slavery” argument continues to be blithely repeated, and the legacy of the welfare state ignored.

-Prof Thomas Sowell (Wealth, Poverty, and Politics)

Welfare, not quite slavery. Dependency on the State, not Rugged Individualism rising up to make a living. Thinking that poor people, especially poor Black people, can only succeed when White Progressives arrive on the scene – and screw things up for everyone by forcing Government onto everyone.

And they never think to say “well, that didn’t work out well, sorry, what would work better” while ignoring the pleas for “just a little more money, honey”.

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