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King Biden’s Shell Game

Biden - Obey

The heavy hand has fallen on Florida because Gov. DeSantis will not fall on his knees to a senile, god-king wannabe (Dementia Joe). A government-approved medication, monoclonal antibodies, that by all reports say work on COVID-19 (for those who can get it) are now being rationed in FL, where the need is very high.

This medication, long approved, is a cheap off-usage alternative to the expensive vaccines being pushed by the current administration. It works in an opposite fashion to the vaccines else, why should booster shots be the new thing? Also, the new vaccine being touted had to be withdrawn due to unexpected nasty side effects in humans. Go figure!

How come people who don’t trust or want the vaccines are being told they must have the Jab to protect everyone else? Isn’t that the vaccine’s job?

Seems very suspicious that the King’s ministers should be rationing Florida to lessen supplies where it is in high need and sending limited supplies to where the need is far less. Call me crazy, but it seems very Stalinist-like, the demand to fall in line, do as ordered, and no thinking on your own or else! A shell game, without a doubt.

Justification for this – it is said by Biden spokespersons and the mainstream media – is to distribute supplies more fairly. As usual, their rationale is based on lies.  The figures they give for vaccines are accrual numbers. For instance, in Broward County, 52% of patients have received vaccine injections, where 69% of those are over 60. Miami Dade County has 60% vaccinated, with 73% over 60 and so on. Completely opposite what is being told to us.

But that’s nothing new. We were told that no Americans would be left behind in Afghanistan, the Border is closed, Trump colluded with Russia, and Benghazi was a demonstration that got out of control.

And know what?

Biden was integral in every one of these things and more. Every time in the last four decades when “IT” has hit the fan, Biden’s shadow has been close by.

Strange, very strange.