Children May Be Required To Wear Masks To School Forever - Granite Grok

Children May Be Required To Wear Masks To School Forever

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The Windham school board voted 3 to 2 to make masks optional for their students. By turning this decision over to parents, parents will make the decision on whether their children wear a mask to school or not.

Parents that wanted masks mandated for all children filed a lawsuit to make sure that all students are wearing masks. Will this mean that your children will never get out of masks? Possibly.

In the past, children were directed by their doctors to stay home if their medical situation warranted extreme care. Cancer patients for instance learned from home, so they were not put at risk of picking up a virus that could put their health or life at serious risk. This was the norm, but now children who have underlying health conditions want to attend school, even if there is a significant risk to their health.

Masks may or may not diminish the spread of COVID or any other virus, but anyone who is around children knows that contamination happens throughout the school day by children who are not washing their hands frequently or exchanging their masks throughout the day.

Doctors and medical staff wash their hands every time they enter an examining room. In a situation where they are dealing with patients, they are frequently changing their masks. Children are going to school with masks that they wear the entire day, some re-wear cloth contaminated masks without sanitizing them, and one grandparent reported that her grandson came home with another child’s mask on.

If you really want to avoid this virus due to underlying health conditions, we need to go back to the way things were pre-Covid and keep these children home. That is the only way to ensure your child does not pick up the virus.

There are other viruses that could put these children in harm’s way like the flu, RSV, or even the common cold. It makes you wonder, that if the plaintiffs are successful, will school administrators believe they have to move forward with masks at all times during each school year?