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BlogQuestion of the Day Lefties – Will “Vaccination Status” Matter For This?

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Will the government and Planned Parenthood be denying abortion services to unvaxxed women? 

Inquiring minds want to know.

My guess is that they won’t, as the sacrament of abortion will trump all the pro-vax arguments like safety for all.

Good question.

After all, it is the Left that has gone all monoculture on this. If you’re not Vaxxed, you should have NO role, NO part, NO say in any aspect of Society.

The Unvaxxed should be “unpersoned” just like the Jews in Nazi Germany, the Tribal strifes in Africa, the Religious wars in the Balkans, and gays in the Muslim majority Nations in the Middle East.

Unvaxxed is rapidly becoming the worst social credit score you can get – and it is the Left that is emulating what the ChiComms have already implemented.  Bottom of the Democrat Identity Group Politics Totem Pole.

Even White Conservatives and Libertarians, if vaxxed, are rated higher than this “class” of people.

Then there’s this which may make the Question more viable (reformatted, emphasis mine):

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is doing “exploratory work” to decide whether it will study if COVID-19 vaccines are causing “menstrual irregularities,” the CDC told the Daily Caller News Foundation Wednesday. In late July, CDC spokeswoman Martha Sharan said that several studies on the vaccines’ effects on fertility were “in the works” but hedged to the DCNF that “some are still in the planning stages.”

Over a month later, the CDC is still exploring the feasibility of a study examining menstrual irregularities after the vaccine — though the agency urged pregnant and breastfeeding women to get vaccinated in early August, citing a preliminary study which found no evidence of vaccines causing higher rates of miscarriage. “The only update I can give you is that there are discussions underway and CDC’s Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) team is doing some exploratory work to determine the feasibility of conducting a study of menstrual irregularities following COVID-19 vaccination,” Sharon told the DCNF Wednesday.

So, depending on how this metastudy turns out, there will be more unvaxxed mothers-to-be and the Question becomes (ahem) more viable. But if the answer to the BlogQuestion of the Day is yes, then a lot more babies may well see the actual light of day that the Left doesn’t want them to see.

That aside, you see, the Left DOES want a class system here in the US – their brand of caste system (think India years ago).  It makes it easier for them to have their Two Minute Hate at the drop of a hat.

 (H/T: Sent in byMatt)