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Special Election: Is There a “Democrat” Snake in This Republican Primary?

Snake, Tree Snake, Green Snake

I apologize for the “fishing expedition,” but rumor has it that Democrats are conspiring to cheat Republicans out of a House Seat. There’s a special election coming up, and one of the candidates running as a Republican is, allegedly, a Democrat-leaning plant.

Here’s what we’ve heard so far…

Jim Morgan, Derry Town Council Chair, is alleged to be saying not nice things on Social media about Republican candidate Jodi Schaffer Nelson. Morgan’s preferred “republican” – per the scuttlebutt – is Neil Wetherbee, alleged RINO at best, and possibly a Democrat who recently registered as Republican.

This is all speculative for the moment but no one I have heard from seems to think Wetherbee would be a reliable Republican vote.

Weatherbee has been a Derry Councilor for District three and there is a string of allegations into which I will not delve at this time. They are bones in need of more meat.

I am curious about his current and past party affiliation, voting history, and any evidence that Democrats in Derry are changing their party registration to undeclared so they can vote for Wetherbee in the upcoming Republican primary.

The latter is a well-worn tactic in these parts (and probably others). And every now and then a Democrat forgets to switch back and gets stuck voting as a registered Republican in a future election. Or, running as one.


This September Republican Primary voters in Sullivan County have to choose between an actual Republican (Jeremy Herrell) and a Democrat (Jeffrey Barrette) who is “accidentally” registered as a Republican in their primary.


Barrette changed to undeclared for the 2016 presidential primary then never changed it back. The result was a Republican primary for a race with no registered Demo on the ballot. Barrette won the primary.

So, here we are, in Derry. We have accusations of an organized smear campaign orchestrated by Jim Morgan (former NHGOP Finance Chair, and former and Ex-officer of the Log Cabin Republicans). He is said to be trying to improve Wetherbee’s odds in a 3-way special election Republican primary in October.

This story is developing; we’ll add details as they become available as in (hint-hint) you provide them.


Reminder: Bedford has a NH House seat special election tomorrow. Please get out and vote for Linda Camerota.