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THROWBACK THURSDAY – That Time WMUR Called Trump Voters White Supremacists

I wrote this back in September, 2017:


Ray Buckley -Chairman of the New Hampshire Democrat Party- was recently taken to task, and deservedly so, for referring to disaffected voters who might be inclined to vote for President Trump as “white supremacists.”

WMUR had interviewed Matt Braynard, the executive director of Look Ahead America, an organization created by some former Trump campaign data-gurus whose mission is to “identify patriotic Americans who’ve become disaffected and cynical, so we can engage them on issues relevant to them, get them registered, get them educated and turn them out to vote.”  

The numbers Braynard are talking about are not insignificant:  “New Hampshire’s going to be, probably, the state we advance to next,” Matt Braynard, Executive Director of Look Ahead America, said. “We’ve identified maybe 15,000 inactive voters who we would consider disaffected, patriotic Americans. And potentially 100,000 or more unregistered adults we’re going to reach out to.”

This was enough to unhinge Buckley who was quoted by WMUR as calling these disaffected voters white supremacists:

“The organizing and activating of these extremists, these white supremacists, really could have a detrimental effect on the entire culture of New Hampshire,” New Hampshire Democratic Party Chairman Ray Buckley said.

As noted at the outset, Buckley was deservedly taken to task for his vile comments.  From Look Ahead:

“New Hampshire Democrat Chairman Ray Buckley’s “White supremacist” slur against disaffected rural and blue-collar Americans is despicable and unhinged. His suggestion that these patriotic citizens exercising their right to vote would be “detrimental to the culture” is fundamentally un-American.

From New Hampshire Political Buzz:

Apparently, anyone who supports Trump or who may actually agree with his policies and agenda, are white supremacists. Since Braynard is specifically talking about reaching out to rural, patriotic, disaffected voters, given Buckley’s statement, he believes these people are actually white supremacists and extremists.

What Buckley seems to forget is these are people who are members of his own party and Independents, not just Republicans. Or people who aren’t registered to vote at all. And to say anyone who agrees with Trump’s agenda, no matter what party affiliation, is a white supremacist is not only vile but shows how Democrats feel about those who disagree with their failed policies. Rather than have a discussion about those policies, Democrats would prefer to label these people with a disgusting moniker.

Clearly, Democrats still haven’t learned why they lost the last election. They spent eight years calling anyone who disagreed with Obama’s policies a “racist,” now their switching that up with “white supremacist,” further proving they literally have nothing to offer voters other than contempt, vitriol and hatred.

What’s been overlooked, however, is that it was WMUR -specifically Adam Sexton- that started the vile white supremacist slur:

Sexton asked if the group has a way of weeding out extremists, saying: “We’ve seen extremism rearing its ugly head lately. What happens if you’re able to identify potential voters but you do see some extremism there – perhaps white supremacism, things like that.

“Is a vote a vote or are you guys going to try to keep those people separate?”

Obviously, Sexton shares the same mindset as Buckley.  If you don’t ascribe to the progressive agenda, that makes you a white supremacist.  Sexton is the husband of Amanda Grady Sexton:Sexton is not alone in using his position at WMUR9 to advance the agenda of the New Hampshire Democrat party.  The late State Representative Steve Vaillancourt told me years ago that Buckley considered Sexton’s colleague, John DiStaso, his go-to guy to get his message out.