The New Collectivism: Mandatory Participation in The Mental Illness of Others - Granite Grok

The New Collectivism: Mandatory Participation in The Mental Illness of Others


There’s a new definition for collectivism. ‘Wokeness Means Forcing Everyone To Live Inside The Prison Of Mental Illness.’ Yeah, I’m enjoying this “free” sample of Cultural Marxism.

One in which we,

  • Must agree that men can be women
  • Women can be men
  • Men can give birth and “chestfeed” their fetus  baby boy  baby girl a species to be named 20 years later
  • Must agree that there is no such thing as men or women but only “something along somebody else’s ‘spectrum’ of being” (and completely refuting the above).
  • That BLM and Antifa rioters can burn buildings down and kill people with no repercussions but all White Christian men and women are racists and extreme domestic terrorists
  • Am a racist for questioning, not the Right to Vote, but the manner in which voting is done (a “White Voter Suppressor???”)
  • Am confused while SNAP (food stamp) recipients get more of my money for a 20% increase for them but I have to endure “food inflation” all by myself?
  • Am “Selfish” if I believe that I shouldn’t put myself in quarantine to protect the unvaccinated even as I am vaccinated? WHY?????
  • That I’m supposed to accept the Left’s crie d’accor of “Diversity is our Strength” as our primary moral compass when I know our Republic was founded on the Pillars of Free Speech, Freedom of Expression, The Rule of Law, Self-governance, and the Right to Private Property?
  • That Truth has become just an ever-morphing, sliding scale social construct but MY version of it is never acceptable to the High Priests of Woke?
  • That I should never be judgmental even as the Left is judging me every moment of my life? That none of my choices are ever good enough for them?
  • That youngsters in elementary, middle, and High School that aren’t even a 1/3 my age are supposedly wiser than I (or so say their teachers)?
  • Am supposed to ignore the logic structure of White dudes telling me to give up my “Privilege” but they get to hector me forever without giving up theirs?
  • Ditt for the Eco-Socialists for me to be comfortable in my cave, stone fire ring, and bearskin shirt while they constantly flit and jet to one eco-conference after another telling us to lower our carbon footprint?
  • That our Government can spend gazillions of dollars we don’t have and that Venezuela and the Weimar Republic’s failed run-in with this was because “they didn’t have the right people doing it”.

And finally, the Government is the answer to all the ills of our society if we would just listen to the sainted Dr. Fauci and give up our Freedom and wear the dang triple mask even as I’ve been Jabbed 14 times already.


Joy Pullman |Conservative Review