SAU 16 Teacher Who Sits On Racial Unity’s Board Facilitated “Anti-Racist” Training... - Granite Grok

SAU 16 Teacher Who Sits On Racial Unity’s Board Facilitated “Anti-Racist” Training…

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It was recently revealed that The Lincoln Street Elementary School in Exeter has implemented a Restorative Justice initiative and that one of their teachers, Mariam Levy just happens to own a business called “Circling Towards Justice.”

Here’s your link.

As if that information and the fact that BLM has been given a seat at the table in SAU 16 weren’t disturbing enough … there’s more.

The Racial Unity Team and The Robinwood Center, owned by a fourth board member, Sophie Saltonstall, hosted a four-part series titled “Racism 101: How You Can Get Started In Anti-Racism Work.” From the website:

“This four-part series was brought to you in 2020 by the Racial Unity Team and Robinwood Center. It provided an understanding of racist language and definitions, a basic understanding of what systemic racism is and what it looks like, and how NH fits into this. You can view these videos below.”

Here is a link to the four videos on the website.

While I have only watched the first video in its entirety, “Orientations and Definitions,” there are some interesting revelations, to say the least:

1. All four videos are “facilitated” (there’s that word again) by The Racial Unity Team board members Tanisha Johnson, co-founder of Seacoast BLM, Mariam Levy, Lincoln Street School teacher who owns a business called “Circling for Justice” and Sophie Saltonstall, owner of The Robinwood Center.

2. SAU 16 Superintendent David Ryan is also on the board of The Racial Unity Team with Levy, Johnson, and Saltonstall.

3. In the first Racism 101 video, Levy is introduced by Tanisha Johnson as a Restorative Justice practitioner. Levy states that she has worked in Boston, Chelsea, and Lowell

4. Levy states in the video that a lot of what is being presented in this first of the series was also training given to SAU 16 by Visions, Inc.

5. Visions, Inc., for those of you who have been following the organizational aspects surrounding anti-white training at SAU 16, is now the fourth entity identified that has trained staff in the district, along with Toyim Augustus of Seacoast BLM, 2Revolutions, and The Black Print LLL. Here’s your link to Visions, Inc.

6. The definitions presented in the first Racism 101 video, beginning at around 37:00, come directly from Visions, Inc. They include white privilege, white supremacy, 4 levels of racism, BIPOC/POC, and the difference between the two, equity and tokenism.

7. Some of those terms, as well as their definitions, are posted right on The Lincoln Street School’s website. The Black Circle LLC training is still here, even though it was removed from the DEIJ training tab. Here’s your link: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Justice Committee – Lincoln Street School (

8. Saltonstall is the fourth board member of the Racial Unity Team identified, along with Superintendent Ryan, Johnson, and Levy, who are involved in anti-white training, two of whom (Ryan and Levy) have a direct pipeline to SAU 16.

As many are already aware, the training materials, including those presented by Toyim Augustus and 2revolutions were removed from the DEIJ tab sometime before Ryan announced meetings with the public to discuss DEIJ. Here’s your link.

In light of these revelations, this is a shout out to readers to send FOIA requests to the SAU 16 Superintendent’s office demanding copies of all materials used in anti-white training of SAU 16 staff, including, but not limited to the following:

*All training materials (slides, workbook, handouts, etc.) presented by Toyim Augustus, 2revolutions, The Black Print LLL, Visions, Inc., and ANY other anti-white staff training by any individual, organization or vendor not listed here.

*The dates of each training, to whom and by whom.

*A statement as to whether the trainings were mandatory or not.

*Date each training was posted to the DEIJ tab on

*Date the training materials were deleted from the DEIJ tab.

*Who ordered the removal of the training materials from the DEIJ tab.

*Identify the person/people who brought Toyim Augustus, 2revolutions, The Black Print and Visions before the board.

In place of the trainings that were deleted from the DEIJ tab, there is a new heading titled “Interesting Reading.” Under that is an article titled “Willing To Be Disturbed” by Margaret J. Wheatley, and it starts by saying:

“As we work together to restore hope to the future, we need to include a new and strange ally—our willingness to be disturbed. Our willingness to have our beliefs and ideas challenged by what others think.”

LOL. How prescient. I hope the Superintendent’s office and the school board are willing to be disturbed because they have only heard a fraction of what we have to say.

We got them to stand down on the mask mandates and it’s way past time to compel them to stand down on this viral anti-white bigotry. So, let’s flood the offices with FOIA requests. Let’s get those materials before the August 19th meeting and use facts and evidence to put an end to their CRT denial tour.