Proud To Be a Domestic Terrorist - Granite Grok

Proud To Be a Domestic Terrorist


The screenshot above is all over twitter. I oppose the “COVID measures” … a lovely euphemism for lockdowns, forcing people to wear masks to participate in society, forcing people to take “vaccines”, etc., etc., etc. … because (1) they DO NOT WORK and (2) they are UNNECESSARY.

There is no actual science showing that lockdowns or masks “work”; to the contrary, the data shows that these “measures” make no difference … the “vaccines,” which we were told would be nearly 100% effective against infection, are NOT anywhere near that effective, and are now being … without any scientific evidence … re-marketed as protection against the “worst outcomes.”

All this is to protect against a disease that is no more lethal than the seasonal flu unless you are very, very old or very, very fat.

If by this point, you have not realized, that the COVID measures have NOTHING to do with health and are and always have been about political power … you are a hopeless, pathetic FOOL.

And I also believe that there was material … as in enough to affect the outcome … election-fraud in, at a minimum, the five States that stopped counting the votes on election night. And I do not believe any of the “fact-checks”, assurances, claims of “conspiracy theory”, etc., etc., etc. from the same “experts,” “pundits,” “talking-heads” etc., etc., etc. who for four years lied about Russia-collusion, Russia “hacking” the election, Trump being an agent of Russia, the “mostly peaceful” BLM and ANTIFA protests, etc., etc., etc.

So, yeah, I am a domestic terrorist. And I am damn proud of it.