Executive Council Voting Wednesday to Spend Another $844,000 to Convince You to Get The Jab™ - Granite Grok

Executive Council Voting Wednesday to Spend Another $844,000 to Convince You to Get The Jab™

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New Hampshire has already spent $344,000.00 on marketing to convince Granite Stater’s to get The Jab™. But it wasn’t enough. We have not achieved the magic number of needled arms, so the Jabbernaughts want to fund a new ad campaign to win you over.

According to “research,” people who get positive encouragement from family friends or their personal health care professionals are more likely to get jabbed, so this new marketing campaign will focus on that.

Not science. Not health Freedom. This.


The governor’s Executive Council on Wednesday will be asked to approve paying an additional $844,000 to a Manchester marketing agency that already has a $434,000 contract. …

“…the new PSA campaign will feature real stories from people across the state and doctors practicing in New Hampshire,” she wrote.

The campaign will be disseminated through a variety of media, including radio, television, billboards, aerial banners and social media platforms.


I have some suggestions.

How about a PSA where a woman tells a few friends and relatives about how her perfectly healthy cousin got jabbed and died of massive clotting a few days later?

Or maybe a picture of the worried look on the face of a husband whose wife – with no previous related medical history – is in the hospital because her heart won’t stop racing?

Maybe you could flash the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) numbers. You know, the way the media reported war dead in Iraq when GW Bush was President. Or the way the media grandstands new positive cases of this particular flu.

Show the number of deaths with a few pictures of family members’ graveside.

No? Not the sort of feel-good reality that will get folks to line up.

Real stories, my ass.

But, But…

I know. The hew and cry will be hey, it’s federal money. That’s what it’s for and we should spend it. Should we spend it? If the Feds told you to advertise any other potential harm would you do it?

This is the Live Free or Die State, not the marketing risky federal mandate state.

But here we are, poised to spend nearly a million dollars to promote an experimental pharmacological treatment that doesn’t protect you from the virus. A chemical agent that does not prevent or even limit symptoms or spread of the targeted pathogen.

A remedy that does not get us back to any sort of normal no matter what you think that is.

But it does have some very serious immediate side-effects and any number of unknown long-term side effects because it is experimental, and we don’t know.

And what we do know is being blocked, hidden, or spun by the ‘Institutions’ sending us money to get more people jabbed.

One more point. The state has made it clear that New Hampshire does not require people to get vaccinated or present proof of COVID19 vaccination to any entity spending tax dollars. But here we are spending tax dollars on an entity (The Executive Council) so that they can spend hundreds of millions more tax dollars to convince us to do just that. Get jabbed and obtain proof.

Call or write your executive Counselor and politely share your concerns.