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Isn’t the School Board Supposed to Know What Their Powers Are (Or How They Got Them)?

Gilford School District SAU73

I’m in the process of suing the Gilford School Board for not following the law in their own policies. Every School Board has a lot of Policies covering how they are to act, and governance matters.

They have policies for how students and staffs are to conduct themselves, for “housecleaning,” how meetings are to be conducted; there are a lot of them.

Some deal with discrimination.

All that said, this one is LAUGHABLE considering that I have to sue them to get answers – BBA:


The school board, whose members are elected as representatives of the people in the school district, shall as the general agent of the state in carrying out the will of the people of the district in matters of public education.

The board has those powers which are expressly granted to it by the New Hampshire legislature, federal laws, and rules of the State Board of Education.

This is HIGHLY amusing; I’ve been asking them for a YEAR what those Powers are given Policy JBAB.  I guess that this isn’t the most favorite of their Policies.

I bet truth be told, they don’t even know they have it (I told them last night that I bet I knew their own Policies better than they do – and this proves it).

Yet, they refuse to answer my question as to WHAT those Powers are even as I gave them one more chance!

And last night, I can easily say that they are still in the running for the best impersonation of the Easter Island Stone-faced Statues when I asked.  I bet they just believe that they can make a statement that they have “Powers” and that will drive anyone away.

I guess one of my questions when in court will be “Name them. Name ALL the Powers” and “where the Legislature has granted them (RSAs)”?