I Guess Biden Doesn’t Care about the Constitutions Admonition to “Faithfully Execute the Laws” - Granite Grok

I Guess Biden Doesn’t Care about the Constitutions Admonition to “Faithfully Execute the Laws”

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Just like this nitwit:

NH State Rep. Sandra Keans (R, now D): “I don’t try to justify anything by the Constitution, it’s not my job and I don’t want to do it”.

Actually, it is – we are ALL bound by the strictures of the US Constitution ESPECIALLY if one is the President. However, as we see from both of them, the danger is clear:

America dies when those in Power ignore the Constitution.

They may swear the oath to defend and protect it, but if their heart is such that it is meaningless, what good is it? And how dangerous are they to the rest of us?  If one ignore the Constitution, they pretty much can do what they want. Or, like Biden is doing with extending the CDC’s rent moratorium that has been declare unconstitutional by SCOTUS, were Biden’s 5 functional brain cells still holding the thought “How many divisions does SCOTUS have” in his complete rebellion against them, outright stating that it will take months to relitigate that whole issue all over again.

Same here with illegal aliens – an Executive Order cannot overrule the black letter of the Law – at least in the end (unless Biden goes complete rogue):

Judge Blocks Biden Administration From Limiting Arrests of Illegal Immigrants

President Joe Biden’s administration cannot, for now, curtail arrests of illegal immigrants, a federal judge ruled on Aug. 19, delivering another setback to the White House’s immigration agenda.

U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton, a Trump nominee, granted a preliminary injunction sought by the states of Texas and Louisiana against two memorandums issued by Biden administration officials earlier this year that sought to “prioritize” certain categories of illegal immigrants.

The case involves an immigration law provision that stipulates that illegal immigrants who had committed crimes shall be taken into federal custody after they’re released, but the Biden administration’s memos attempted to direct Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) resources to detain illegal aliens based on the nature of the crime. Texas and Louisiana argued that Biden’s memo would prevent ICE agents from arresting and deporting other illegal aliens who had criminal histories.

…The Court concludes the potential harms to the States arising out of the Memoranda outweigh any potential harms to the Government. The Court also concludes the public interest is served, rather than undermined, by an injunction,” he wrote.

…Additionally, the judge said the agency appeared to be neglecting federal law that outlines immigration enforcement.

And THAT is not “faithfully executing the Law”.

It is becoming obvious that our “leaders”, our elected Representatives, are thinking of themselves more and more as Rulers, as Kings and Queens, than representing OUR interests in the halls of Legislatures and Presidencies. They seem to believe that once in office, they can do as they dang well please.  Certainly, the Democrats are going as full bore now as they did in passing Obamacare a decade ago. They KNOW they are looking into the abyss electorally come the mid-terms but they are willing to throw their colleagues under the bus to get stuff passed.

Hey, it worked – years out in the wilderness and they’re back in Power. Even with the barest of margins (1 in the Senate -toes up Kamala and 8 (maybe) in the House), they are charging forward. Republicans? Voting right along side of them (the Infrastructure bill) so why vote for them?  And when they do gain Power again, what do they have to show for it?

THAT, btw, is for the NH candidates trying to retire Chris “I hate NH’s Live Free Or Die motto” Pappas.  Whaddya really gonna do?

(H/T: The Epoch Times)