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Blogline of the Day – When Generals Go Woke, the US Gets Broke(n)

Gen Mark Milley ABC News

“For the last seven months, I’ve watched Generals engage in Twitter fights with people, debate the merits of Critical Race Theory on Capital Hill. It seemed like our generals were more concerned with fighting Tucker Carlson than they were the Taliban.”

The purpose of the US Military, when called upon, is to kill people and break things. Its purpose is to break the will of our enemies to fight on by any means possible and necessary. Period.

But as we have seen in the last few years, the Left is arrogant about trying to rearrange American norms, almost as if they are the modern version of the Revolutionary War-era Hessian mercenaries – hired by our enemies. What better way to win than by getting the General Staff to go all SJW either directly or allowing their more junior officers to conduct themselves as if they are supposed to be concentrating on the culture war instead of changing the mind of those that would attack us to back off from waging real war?

Really, if the US Military is fighting with an American Conservative on TV commenting on the words and demeanor of the Chief of Staff Milley, we’re screwed. Royally. And given the episode of allowing Spenser Rapone, a self-avowed Communist, to attend West Point (with other rumors of hiring Professors with Communist Leaders), are we being eaten from the inside out?

Once again, we see the Left’s march through the ramparts of our Culture. Have we truly lost the military?  And if so, what does that mean in practical terms with the Left’s constant dine of calling us on the Right “domestic terrorists” and “enemies of the State”? Would Biden (or no-minds like him) declare an “emergency” and violate the Posse Comitatus Act against us?

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