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No Uterus – You’re Not Allowed an Opinion on Women’s Issues…But You Can Compete in Women’s Sports

2 + 2 = 5.  That’s what we’ve heard from the Uber-Feminists for years. That we men should not say a word about abortion because we have nothing to do with the birthing of the child.

As such, we should have no say in its killing.

But like always, basic biology and reality intrude. In most normal acts, it takes two to tango and two to make a baby. So, men do have the ability to speak and should have the right to have input into whether or not a baby lives….or is killed.

But that’s what society has been led to believe. That once the act of being a sperm donor has been completed, the dude has no responsibility at all. Until, of course, the baby is born and then his wallet WILL be totally invested.

Having it both ways is the Progressive way, so it seems.

Except when it comes to sports. Then the man holds ALL the cards and there is nothing that women and girls can say about it. Go into a women’s spa after declaring yourself to be transwoman to depants yourself and they MUST remain silent and accept what the man says.

Just like in those times that the Feminists like to complain about: barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen.

And now, we see it complete. The men get to tell Women what to do on the field of Sport – lose. Just lose – you’re nothing but second or third-class citizens.

Inconsistent? You bet – but this is part of the Left’s gaslighting on this issue as well as everything else.

Their use of shame is getting ever more intense and that intensity spills over into the quantity as well. They depend on that shame to “move the dial” – to get us all to bend our knee. To accept that which isn’t reality – that is the REAL totalitarianism.

In wrestling with some other “taking longer than I thought” issues, I’ve had old episodes of Star Trek – the Next Generation on for background noise. The episode “Chain of Command, Part II” was on in which Picard was taken prisoner by the Cardassians.

Over and over again, his interrogator asked him how many bright lights were being shined on him. Picard consistently answered with a number DIFFERENT than what was actually being used – sort of an inverse/inside out 2+2=5. In this way, he defied the reality that was trying to be imposed upon him. An old technique – have others believe something than what they know to be true.

And the Left is using it on a wide spectrum; Biden’s announcement that food for our Independence Day celebration was 16 cents less than it was last year. If you’re the one that does the weekly grocery store runs, it must have been jarring to be told that your wallet isn’t jiving with Dementia Joe’s (or, most likely, his handlers trying to keep up appearances and deliberately doing that warping) proclamation.

Be Picard – refuse to accept it.

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101 Gab)