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Public Schools: Pushing Children Towards Depression and Suicide

Dr Gary Thompson

Dr. Gary Thompson, Ph.D., Child Psychologist, has been educating parents across the country on the dangers that lurk inside your child’s classroom. That may seem extreme, but when you listen to him explain how school administrators, teachers, and school board members are complicit in harming your child, you begin to realize how serious this can become.

Critical Race Theory, or Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a way of shaming children for the color of their skin. We have seen this radical agenda in school districts like Exeter, Sanborn, Hollis-Brookline, Litchfield, Hopkington, Hanover, and Hampton, to name a few.

CRT places people into two groups, oppressors or the oppressed, and can be described in different ways. In Exeter, the book they chose for middle school children described the two categories of people, the dominant culture or the subordinate culture, depending on your skin color. Whites were part of the dominant culture. Everyone else would be described as the subordinate culture.

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It does not matter if you have a character that views individuals as equal. You are inherently racist if you have white skin. You are a white supremacist even if you’ve never shown any characteristics of supremacy. Your skin color determines your character.

How does this impact young children? One parent in New Hampshire mentioned that her young daughter came home explaining how she was responsible for slavery. Other children have internalized these messages by blaming themselves for historical events that they never participated in.

I am hearing parents describe the self-hatred they see expressed by their children. White children are told that by the age of three, their racist attitudes begin to develop and that they will never be able to escape this because they were born with white skin.

If this sounds racist, prejudice, or that they are stereotyping all white people, you are right. They are doing exactly what they say shouldn’t be done to POC. (People of Color)

When this is pushed on young children, and young children respond with self-hatred, depression, anxiety, or even suicidal thoughts, it becomes dangerous. One might be inclined to dismiss that suggestion, but Dr. Thompson has been involved with treating children throughout his career. He is the Co-Founder at Early Life Child Psychology & Education Center, Inc. He’s an expert in this field and has the education and credentials to speak on this important subject.

Take a moment and listen to Dr. Gary Thompson describe the damage this radical political agenda is having on the children they are supposed to be educating:



This psychological experiment on your children can be dangerous, as I indicated in my post that details what they are doing in Hampton, NH. It is critical that you make sure that none of this psychological abuse is impacting your children. Some may not internalize this kind of shaming message in a harmful way, but as you can see, some may.

I’d suggest sharing this video with your local school board members and Superintendent. Let them know that this kind of psychological warfare waged on children is wrong.

The state law recently passed affirms our civil rights and equal protection under the law. Any district administrator or teacher engaged in this kind of assault on children should be replaced. These individuals are putting your children in harm’s way.