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Drought Fearmongering vs. Tropical Storm Fearmongering – Fight!

Drought and rain

No matter what you call it, the climate cult is worried about warming. The accumulation of CO2 in the atmosphere as a crisis is second only to the government’s need to accumulate the wealth of others to “address it.”

That’s the only real consensus. “Experts” at the trough agree; government must expand to meet a need it invented to justify its own expansion. The names are just a formality. Marketing. Global Warming, Climate change, crisis, chaos, ludicrous Speed!

Does the climate change? Yes, it does, and historically less during the human occupation of the earth than any other. If we have any influence, it is calming, though I think we know that this calming period is why we’ve been able to thrive at all. A fact that would suggest a change. Climate change.

It will, and that won’t have anything to do with us, but it will affect the globe’s habitability and our success as a species, and there is nothing politicians or governments can do about that except make a few of them more comfortable and everyone else less.

Climate Crisis

Declaring events as “extreme weather ” does not change the fact that this is the norm for the earth, not the exception. Politics has no part to play except to defraud people out of their livelihoods and liberties, one of the few things government actually does well. This is why every “change in the weather”… (HT John Fogerty)


Uh huh, you better duck and run,
Get under cover ’cause the change has come.
Storm warning, and it looks like rain,
Be nothin’ left after the hurricance.
This here’s a jungle, ain’t no lie,
Look at the people, terror in their eyes.
Bad business comin’, can’t be denied,
They’re running with the dogs, afraid to die.


…is billed as proof of something government must rise to address. Example.

Related: Despite 2020 Drought Trends Show NH is Still Getting ‘Wetter’

We are not in severe drought (again!), but towns in New Hampshire are addicted to water restrictions, and year-to-date precipitation is down in New Hampshire in 2021. The chatter has been about the drought, at least until it started raining. Then the question was, will rain help?

Sure, but the actual question is, will it be enough, and because the answer must be political, it has to be no. Events are singular, unrelated, and isolated from history. But we keep track so, here’s the history.

New Hampshire Precip 1900-2019

Historically droughts in New Hampshire have lessened in recent years as we’ve proceeded through a century-long rise in average rainfall. You’ll also notice that the swings between wet and dry “seasons” are no more dramatic now than before we were told we would all freeze to death starving on an ice-covered planet.

New Hampshire has been “abnormally” wet for a good long time despite the annual drought-mongering by state and local government, but this suggests that we are due for a dryer trend.

Given that this wetness appears to align with the end of the recent solar maximum, it might be safe to suggest the grand solar minimum predicted for the next few decades will have an opposite effect.


NH Precip 2000 to 2020

Before 2000, the mean average rainfall had risen to approximately 43 inches, most of that in the last decade of the last century.  The mean precipitation for the first two decades of this century is 49 inches and trending downward, more so since sunspot activity waned leading into the current solar minimum.

But we’re still annually above the 100-year average. Climate Chaos!

No, but it is why we have this saying in New England. “If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes,” but if we do, the government can’t use you to increase its growth trendline, so there can be no waiting.

Today’s tropical rainstorm is no less dire than yesterday’s drought, even though they are really just this thing we used to call “the weather.”