Data Point - San Francisco Stops Prosecuting "Some" Shoplifting - Guess What Happened? - Granite Grok

Data Point – San Francisco Stops Prosecuting “Some” Shoplifting – Guess What Happened?

Data point

Given that George Soros money bought and paid for uber-Progressive Chesa Boudin (the son of Leftists murderers David Gilbert and Kathy Boudin and the godson of former Communist Weatherman and Obama sidekick, Bill Ayers) in his run for San Francisco District Attorney.

Since then, he has made it clear that he will not be prosecuting low-level street crime (prostitution, public urination, soft on murderers and domestic abusers, and camping on sidewalks).

Shoplifting up to $950 per event will also not be prosecuted (Proposition 47 makes it a misdemeanor downrated from a felony).  And the result is???



Stores that have been “hit” hard are just not going to restock in order to just be knocked off again.

SAN FRANCISCO, California—“Woketopia” continues to thrive in the city of San Francisco. Violent attacks toward Asian-Americans have increased exponentially, the homeless population has skyrocketed, human feces and needles litter the streets and petty theft is driving away an array of stores. Shoplifting has gotten so out of control, Walgreens has permanently closed 17 of its stores. Its closest competitor, CVS, told its employees not to intervene because the thieves often attack anyone who tries to stop them.

On one hand, I am irritated beyond belief that one of our Republic’s main Pillars is being destroyed – The Rule of Law. Once that is gone completely (and not just in California), we will see the age of the Strong Man – Warlords running the country.

On the other hand: “Fifty laboratories of Freedom” and certainly we can watch what the San Francisco branch is doing even as we can easily predict the end result (already in progress – that this is what Progressives mean “Progress!“).

Why should Police bother to arrest when Californians have set the bar so high to do so and DA’s like Boudin (and other places as well) have put themselves into the positions of ENFORCING the Laws but the arbiters of which Laws are worth defending? And in this case, coddling the offenders and making their victims suffer for being innocent?

Imagine if the NH Attorney General was doing the same thing?

Oh wait – they have, for years with Voter Fraud.


(H/T: Powerline)