At Least Three "Vaccinated" Texas Democrats Who Fled to DC Have COVID19 - Granite Grok

At Least Three “Vaccinated” Texas Democrats Who Fled to DC Have COVID19

Maskless Vaccinated Dems on Flight to DC - Fox News Screen grab

Sixty Democrat House Reps in Texas pulled a Wisconsin. To prevent Democracy from happening on legislation the majority (elected by the people) wanted, they ran away. Fled the state.

When the going gets rough, Democrats fly to Washington DC, or so the story goes. At least a few of them do. That may be where the POD People recharge their angst batteries or something. Please return to the mother ship and walk into the darkness, my children.

Three of the brave warriors (who abandoned their posts), according to this report, caught the plague. The dreaded COVID19. The Wuhan Flu. The China Virus. (Say it like the opening to the Beverly Hillbillies. “Oil, that is. Black gold. Texas tea.“)

And they were all vaccinated.

We have no idea what strain they have (other than the strain they place on the rest of us simply by being Democrats), but here’s a picture that reportedly includes them with a possible answer.

It’s a bit of a PR nightmare now, and the rumor odds say the truth is probably worse than the fiction. They claim mild symptoms or none. How can that be? We can see a plane full of unmasked Democrats trapped in a metal tube for hours, and only three of them got the COVID? Shouldn’t they all be on lockdown for 14-days?

One commenter here noted correctly that “If you never take their stupid test, you’ll never test positive.” Or, as I like to say, false positive. But if they have symptoms (and it can be only COVID), maybe we need to quarantine these people from elected office?

Then use future elections as “Boosters” to keep them “locked down.” It’s the only cure for what truly ails us—the political response.

Exit question: who paid for their airfare?

Exit Question2: Maybe Texas needs a no-fly list like the one they have in California.


Joe Concha | Powerline


Correction: The original title stated they came home with covid but it appears they got symptomatic while in DC and may still be there.