Sunday Overnight Thread - 71% of Democrats Don't Want to Go Back to Normal Edition - Granite Grok

Sunday Overnight Thread – 71% of Democrats Don’t Want to Go Back to Normal Edition

Media kills truth

Normal, whatever that is, seems distant and impossible, even with the masks coming off. But someone seems to think there’s a place like what was before and that we can get there from here. Most of us know better. That appearances are not the same thing.

The Political response has undone or done – depending on how you look at it – much. Public HEalth Tyranny looms forever over us. And as if to prove the point, a large majority of Democrats would like it to stay that way.


Despite the rate of COVID-19 transmission falling rapidly and vaccination rates rising, a shocking 71 percent of registered Democrats still believe even healthy people need to stay home “as much as possible,” according to a new Gallup poll.

In contrast, 87 percent of Republicans and 64 percent of independents said in the same poll on Friday that it was time for healthy people to go back to normal life.


By all means, speculate on what you think they mean by normal and why Democrats in some random sample still insist healthy people need to be quarantined as much as possible.

To the latter, I give you the featured image above.

So committed are they to drinking from that well that nothing else, no matter how true or clear, seems able to penetrate.

Thankfully, the other Republicans and Independents have some sense.

How much, we may not know until November 2022. Assuming we’re even allowed to vote.

A culture this willing to give up its liberty has set itself up not to deserve it.