Revenge of the UN-Woke: Student Athlete Sues College as Another School is Forced to Reinstate a Coach - Granite Grok

Revenge of the UN-Woke: Student Athlete Sues College as Another School is Forced to Reinstate a Coach


It’s been a bad week for #woke. The NCAA has backed off its threats of pulling tournaments from states that won’t go #woke.  Overreach is in the air.

A coach who refused to use trans-pronouns was just reinstated by a court order, and a female athlete is suing her college for #woke harassment.

Virginia Coach Byran “Tanner” Cross was suspended by the infamous Loudoun County Board of Education for refusing to use transgender pronouns.

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The school system suspended Cross, a Christian and physical education teacher at Leesburg Elementary School, after he told the school board during a May 25 public hearing that he could not comply with two proposed transgender policies.


Cross sued and the Judge ordered the district to reinstate him.


Advocating for solutions they believe in should not cost [teachers] their jobs. School officials singled out his speech, offered in his private capacity at a public meeting, as ‘disruptive’ and then suspended him for speaking his mind. That’s neither legal nor constitutional. Dozens of other teachers have shared their beliefs on various policies without retaliation; Tanner deserves to be treated with the same respect.


Elsewhere in #Wokistan, another rises to do battle. University of Oklahoma volleyball player Kylee McLaughlin expressed an unapproved opinion and failed to toe the approved narrative after being forced to watch a slanted Netflix Documentary. After daring to suggest “that the ‘Eyes of Texas’ is not a racist song, her coach,


Gray-Walton urged McLaughlin to delete the tweet and set up a phone call for the next morning, the lawsuit said, during which the coach told McLaughlin, “I can’t save you when you get into the real world when you leave here.” The coach also lectured McLaughlin about her white privilege, ordered her to take down the tweet, and had her apologize to University of Texas’ players and head coach in a phone call, according to the lawsuit.


McLaughlin was blacklisted with the complimentary side dishes of derision, accusation, and smears for simply having a different opinion. She “has accused the university of violating her First Amendment rights by excluding her from her volleyball team over her conservative views.” She is seeking 75,000.00 dollars in restitution.