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#Woke NH City Council Rejects the Idea of Recognizing “Indigenous People’s Day”

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Regular readers will be familiar with this topic. #Woke progressives and their water carriers pining to remake Columbus Day into Indigenous people’s day. They’re obsessed. But North America doesn’t have any indigenous people. Not the way they argue it.

There are no indigenous people in the Americas. This is more word-gaming by the Left to rewrite history. To convince you that Europeans were the only conquerors, slaveholders, or butchers.

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That’s simply not true.

These early migrants were butchering each other for land and resources for millennia before the “white people” showed up to rob and trick them (the most recent occupants) out of the same land and resources.

All of them “indigenous” – following the Left’s Rulz – because they happened to be born here before someone else showed up.

By that logic, you, me, any of us who have been born here (first or for generations), in many cases all the way back to the Mayflower, are indigenous. But that’s not the vision they want you to keep in your heart.


My wife and I have been watching Yellowstone. Kevin Costner (John Dutton), big Wyoming Cattle rancher, in constant tension with everyone, especially the descendants of the local “native” tribe over land, culture, and – naturally – the opinions of left-wing writers.’

They arrived and conquered that land before The Dutton’s, so they are “native.”

A ‘native American’ teacher (the estranged wife of Kasey Dutton, one of John’s sons) takes a job at a local university to teach American history. The real history, she says. The bloody, brutal variety. And she’s right to teach that because it’s true, and we should not shy away from that, but when will we hear about how these Native tribes were doing that to each other for thousands of years before the Europeans arrived.

Never, would be my guess. It doesn’t fit the progressive template.

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Only the truth that fits the narrative. Most Media Outlets in America could run that on their masthead.

So, what about Portsmouth? By a vote of 5-4, they rejected the idea of calling it Indigenous People’s Day alongside Columbus Day. An incremental step avoided (for now) that inevitably results in Columbus getting deep-sixed at a future date.

He was a maverick, sure, but a product of his upbringing. Suggesting we’re still like that is a lie for partisan purposes. Other purposes.

But you can still celebrate yourself, assuming you were born here. Both Durham and Dover, New Hampshire, already took the illiterate and historically inaccurate leap to replace Columbus with Indigenous People.

Stop by on October 12th and celebrate yourself. Maybe we’ll make T-Shirts.

And then ask the Marxists who run those places to stop appropriating America’s Constitutional Republicanism to reduce the United States into a two-class system of rulers and peasants more common to the Evil Europe that represents why progressives think we need Indigenous people’s day (instead of one from Columbus) in the first place.

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