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Occasional Overnight Thread – Stumbling Joe Biden Trashes the Left’s Gun Narrative

Ar-15 Weapon of war or useless

Joe Biden’s entire political career has been based on him stealing things from other people. He stole words, kisses, gropes, collluded, extorted, and riggesd – though I’m certain he was the benefactor of the latter lacking the intellectual agility to do much more than say the quiet part out loud at exactly the wrong time.

And that’s sort of the point to the headline.

Joe has inadvertently robbed the Left – at least for a news cycle or two – of an anti-gun narrative.

AR-15s, the scary black rifle that “could blow a hole in somebody the size of a grapefruit ” is (to what passes for the mind of a leftist) a weapon of war.

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No one needs a weapon of war, they say, except the government.

Well, we know it (and AR-15) can’t do any of the things they say, even with the chainsaw or narwhal tusk attachment. No matter how many magazine clips you have. And they have no use for the truth because it contradicts the political goals.

And then there’s Dementia Joe – a serial liar and thief – who tells the truth without meaning to do it.

Last week, the bumbler in chief, well, this.

The gist is that unless you have those things, F15s, and Nukes, your weapons are useless against him, them, the…you know, thing.

This means that your AR15 (even with thechainsaw or the narwhal tusk attachment, and a lot of those magazine clip things) can’t compete. It is, ergo, no longer a serious weapon of war.

Who can, after all, compete with Mensa Joe and his arsenal of fighter jets and nucelar bombs?

China? They’re owrking on it Joe, but they bought you years ago so you’ll look the otherway.

Not that WRBA would nuke its own citizens, or that anyone would let him. Maybe, not. But he did wreck (at least for a few glorious minutes) decades of Left-Win BS about the AR platform. That which dopey progs are convinced (and will scream and shout in defense of) means “Automatic Rifle.”

And Triple A (AAA) is automatic armed ammunition, or is it the Armed Arthritis Association Joe, that gift that keeps on giving.

And K’Mala Harris is the gift that keeps Joe in the Presidency because whoever convinced WRBA she needed to be his VP now realizes that having her as President would be worse than Biden.

They are idiots, but they are liars and thieves, and that makes them dangerous.

One of many reasons why the founders would have wanted us to have AR-15’s whic we know are no match for real weapons of war.

Thank you for that Joe Biden.