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Exeter School District (Again!): Student Ordered to Remove Thin Blue Line Flag

Thin Blue Line Flag

Recently a student attending the Cooperative Middle School in Exeter (SAU 16) was told that he could not wear the Thin Blue Line Flag in school.  But school administrators have allowed students to wear the American flag and the Pride Flag.

When this boy decided to wear the Thin Blue Line flag, one of his teachers removed him from class because he didn’t like the flag.


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The parents met with the teacher and administrators and, the parent has rightfully consulted an attorney. If this is what took place, this violates the student’s free speech rights.

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The Thin Blue Line flag is an emblem established to symbolize all law enforcement personnel, similar to the Red Cross symbol representing all medical personnel. Just as the American flag pays tribute to the American people and the country’s sacrifices to gain independence, the flag containing the Thin Blue Line pays homage to our law enforcement.

Students have successfully sued their school district for viewpoint discrimination. Administrators who allow students who can freely express their views on t-shirts cannot then deny other students their viewpoint simply because the teacher doesn’t like it. Even if it makes someone uncomfortable, it is school policy that determines what is acceptable in the dress code.

In this case, parents were wise to consult an attorney. When teachers or administrators seek to deny a student their free speech rights, they need to stand up for their child’s individual freedom and liberty.

This teacher and administration also put the district in the position of having to settle a lawsuit. How much will that cost the taxpayers?

What is being taught in teacher professional development? Why aren’t teachers properly trained in viewpoint discrimination and constitutional protections, so they don’t make these kinds of costly mistakes?

Many parents are losing confidence in the leadership after numerous complaints about:

1) School shut-downs
2)  Mask mandates
3) Hiring a principal who has displayed disdain for good parents in the district she is leaving.
4) The Branding of non-vaccinated students at the Prom.
5) Spending $10,000 to spy on students and their families through Social Sentinel (NOTE: both the prom incident and this kind of surveillance grooms children into accepting this kind of treatment)
6) Collecting mental health data on students without parental knowledge or consent (in violation of federal law).
7) Possible conflict of interest when the CEO of the YMCA and SAU 16 Board Member voted against students returning to class in person, and those students were then funneled to the YMCA.

In this case, one may be disappointed with the teacher, but I’d also ask, why isn’t the administration properly training the teachers on laws that apply to public schools? Why are laws going ignored? Why are they not following ethical guidelines on the treatment of minors?

If parents, taxpayers, and residents care about liberty, freedom, fiscal responsibility, competent leadership, their children’s rights, then maybe it’s time to look for new school board members who will represent them and replace administrators. Many parents are losing confidence in their leadership. That starts with elected board members who are supposed to be representing them — it ends with individuals hired to care for their children.

I am a parental rights advocate in New Hampshire. Any parents or teachers who wish to contact me can do so. I will keep your identity confidential.


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