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Hey, Exeter Parents: Will Your Child Be Asked “When They Realized They Were White?”


The newly hired principal at Main Street School in Exeter will be carrying a lot of baggage when she starts her new job. Desert Valley Elementary School Principal Tonja Neve, was just hired by Superintendent David Ryan from SAU 16.

The Blaze recently covered a story on how Neve referred to parents as wackos and pushy for contesting Critical Race Theory taught to their children in the school.

I’ve been watching videos of parents in Peoria for a few weeks now. Many parents have been addressing their school board members on the teaching of Critical Race Theory in their school district. This is a militant and radical approach to teaching race relations in the classroom. Some of those parents have been warning parents in Exeter to look out. SAU16 parents that means YOU.

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The disrespect towards parents who pay her salary and whose children were subjected to pseudo psychiatry (let’s face it, that’s what it is) in the classroom have every right to guide and direct their local public school. It’s even spelled out in law in Arizona, where she worked.

I would encourage all parents to start watching the videos from these courageous parents who want their children to grow up with respect and dignity for their friends who may be of a different race. They want their kids who are forming friendships to have that nurtured, not destroyed by social engineers playing psychiatrist in the classroom.

One mother who spoke before the school board talked about teachers who’ve come to them angry that they have to teach Critical Race Theory. Many teachers do not want to play psychiatrist because they are not credentialed, and they understand the dangers of this kind of militant and radical approach to teaching race relations.

These kids are being used in some kind of demented experiment. Telling a child or even suggesting that a young child is racist just because they are born white puts a collective label on an innocent, impressionable child.

A Manchester teacher did that recently when she provided a link to an implicit bias test. The makers of the test admit that there is no claim of validity, but that didn’t stop the teacher from giving the link to the students so that they could answer questions to determine if they are racist or not.

So what happens if a child takes this test which they say on their website, is NOT valid, but it shows that the child has racial bias? Since racism is evil, does the child now believe that they have some sort of evil trait?

Children need to be nurtured –they need encouragement. And when a child is behaving inappropriately, that needs to be corrected.

This collective approach to indoctrinating young children into this militant psychological experiment needs to stop.

New Hampshire now has a Code of Conduct for teachers that they must follow. If your child is being discriminated against based on their race, even if they are white, you need to take that information to the New Hampshire Department of Education and file a formal complaint. Then you need to gather parents together to work towards removing this kind of damaging material from the classroom.

SAU16’s website is full of Critical Race Theory buzz words like anti-racist, and looks like they just hired a principal who displayed no respect towards parents who objected to this radical indoctrination inflicted on their children. It makes you think that SAU 16 is preparing for war on parents who are wacky and pushy if they want something better.

It will be interesting to see if parents in SAU16 will allow this kind of radical indoctrination or if they will fight for academic excellence and a culture of dignity and respect for all children.

Learn more about the new principal hired in SAU 16 here.



Watch the video where parents are pleading with school board members to remove this divisive curriculum (CRT) and teach children academics. They describe how the education provided under the leadership of Tonja Neve, promoted racism.

They wanted her to stop diluting education with political propaganda. Their children were being taught to hate America. The curriculum taught children to mistrust which stemmed from perceived grievances.

This ended up stripping parents of their rights to teach their children their values and morals.

  • They didn’t want their children learning how to view themselves as victims and entitled while loathing our country.
  • They did not want this in their Peoria schools.
  • They dared to challenge this psychological experiment on their children.
  • They dared to demand quality academic education.
  • They were belittled and mocked by the Principal now hired to work at the Main Street School in Exeter.

Finally, in this video, parent Michelle Dillard describes how district employees lied to parents, violated parental rights, and at the same time, violated the law.



What does she have in store for children who attend Main Street School in Exeter and why would David Ryan, Superintendent hire her in the first place? With so many parents already losing confidence in their superintendent over the school shut down, what kind of message is he sending to them?

Those are the questions parents are starting to ask. I know, I’m a parental rights advocate in New Hampshire and I’m am hearing them loud and clear.


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