Wind Farms: "Whose Gonna Clean up That Mess Down There!" - Granite Grok

Wind Farms: “Whose Gonna Clean up That Mess Down There!”

Eco-Socialist cavemen

Bill Cosby, in a very old skit about Noah’s Ark, wanted to know (Noah wanted to know) who would be responsible for cleaning up all that animal poop in the bilges after 40 days and 40 nights while God unleashed the rains to cleanse a sinful world. Well, that applies to “renewables.”

The ones that the Eco-Socialists keep declaring to be our “ark.” A journey to a newer, greener, cleaner, and “less carbon sinful” future, and who is gonna clean up this mess?

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We know that solar panels are just chockful of heavy metals to turn that “free” energy from the sun into usable electricity: cadmium and cobalt just to mention two. Just dumped into landfills.

The Greenies are all over the idea that plastic manufacturers should be responsible for disposing of all plastics after usage – Greenies are completely silent on the solar panels to be handled the same way. Same thing with this:



Who is going to pick up THAT stuff? The blades aren’t recyclable. The only thing you can do is truck them to a special landfill that will take them – at best!

This is a hulking mess as bad as any other industrial waste (BUT INTENTIONS! INTENSIONS!). And these are just a few in Oklahoma! there are thousands that have been abandoned since the ’80s – Altamont, CA is often brought up as a prime example.

The Eco-Socialists just refuse to take ownership of the disasters that they have wrought upon the land then have the temerity to point fingers at the fossil fuel or plastics industries.

Oh, and wind farms are warming the planet – so how is that an Eco-goodness?

Everything in life, as economics tells us, is generally not binary where only A or B are available and one must prevail. No, unless you are talking about human biology (in which there are only two sexes, male and female), life is a spectrum of choices. And not all choices are optimal for either the territory, the needed solution(s), or people.

But this is what is being forced down our throats as our one and ONLY solution…

…and we can plainly see it has faults of its own.

(H/T: Powerline)