Truth Bomb for Black College Instructor Who Writes About Gassing White People - Granite Grok

Truth Bomb for Black College Instructor Who Writes About Gassing White People


Ben Philippe is an instructor of English at Barnard College. He wrote a book in which he talks about“detonating” white people while nearby air vents spew out noxious gas.”

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“When this race war hits its crescendo, I’ll gather you all into a beautifully decorated room under the pretense of unity,” Philippe said. “I’ll give a speech to civility and all the good times we share; I’ll smile as we raise glasses to your good, white health, while the detonator blinks under the table, knowing the exits are locked and the air vents filled with gas.”


That’s wrong no matter who you say it about, but hey, irony alert!

Change a few words, and it describes more or less how the Democrat party has trapped millions of black Americans on a different sort of plantation.


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They give speeches and make promises, and then destroyed their families, their faith, and trap them in crime-riddled ghettoes with dead-end public schools.

It is the slow death of body, mind, and soul, interrupted (increasingly) by the staccato of gunfire as another life is taken at the hands of black men. Women and children chained to generational government dependency on a landlocked slave ship, which only a few can hope to escape.

Piloted by generations of Democrat politicians.

And we could argue that white Democrats are to blame, but in this century, many of these urban plantations include as many or more African American crackers as not. Black voices that rose to prominence and (sometimes) wealth to milk “the people” for votes and political power, never taking responsibility for what they’ve done.


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The latest scheme is no different. With the rise and the lies of the Black Lives Movement, the Left is doubling down on the Obama-Era goal of nationalizing the police force. Local Dems blame cops. They cut budgets, so crime rises even higher in minority neighborhoods and the goal?


The goal has always been federal control. Think of it as taking every local cop shop and turning them into the TSA. Federal paycheck, federal union, answering to the AG, the FBI, or, more likely, a Federalized agency specific to the task.


People fooled into blaming the police cry out for relief from rising crime resulting from Democrat policy. Local politicians – who are in on the scheme and whose police they blame, will try to hand management, and ultimately funding (through either federal grants or direct payroll), to the government as a response under the guise of federal oversight.

Once the Feds run the cops, the Police state is alive, ALIVE!

Another Democrat party bucket list item checked. A police force even less beholden or responsive to locals or their needs. Protected by the federal bureaucracy, as indifferent to your concerns as the average member of Congress.

It will be the true end of the Republic, and the irony is that people of color (trapped on urban plantations) will be hit hardest, and Democrats couldn’t care less.

It’s not cops or people of any particular color we need to fear; it is anyone of any color who is beholden to the Democrat Party.