The KKK's Ideological Ancestors Convince Black American's to Self-Segregate - Granite Grok

The KKK’s Ideological Ancestors Convince Black American’s to Self-Segregate

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Do you ever feel like you are the only one who sees it? The party of the Klan (Democrats) is convincing people of color to self-segregate. That can’t be a coincidence.

Democrat party policy has harmed black Americans since emancipation. More recently, they’ve undermined their faith and family. Millions are trapped in crime riddles neighborhoods plagued by terrible public schools—all at the hands of decades of “compassionate” Democrat rule.

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That culture war is teaching people of color to self-segregate.


The State University at New York Geneseo has announced their newest addition the school’s Umoja House, a dorm “for students of color.” …

“The space is meant as a recharging station for students of color,” SUNY director of multicultural programs and services Sasha Eloi-Evans said. “The hope is that students will live together, form a community, and, because of those connections, be more engaged and invested in the institution. They then feel more confident about participating in other aspects of campus life and leadership roles—they aren’t just on campus, they’re in campus.”


The story caught my eye because I have friends who attended and graduated from SUNY Geneseo a lifetime ago, so maybe they can help me with this.

What’s next from the party of progress, black-only water fountains?