The Windham Incident Thing – Did You Really Expect Anything Different? - Granite Grok

The Windham Incident Thing – Did You Really Expect Anything Different?

Voter Suppression and fraud

Call it the System. Or the Machine. Or the UniParty. Call it whatever you wish. But did you really expect it to allow us to uncover evidence that the 2020 election was RIGGED in ways that could not be euphemistically described as “fortifying the election”?

Evidence beyond the blatant censorship by Big Tech. Beyond the unending misinformation from the legacy media. Beyond Democrats and RINOs (including Sun-King Chris Sununu) … under the pretext of protecting us from COVID … illegally changing voting regulations and rules in ways that made it much easier for Biden to cheat. Evidence that in addition to all the foregoing election-rigging that the Left has now openly acknowledged (they call it “fortifying the election”), the actual vote count was rigged.

What ultimately really matters is the legitimacy of the Presidential ballots. And SB 43 contains nothing … NOTHING … about investigating the Presidential race. This omission is obviously deliberate and disqualifying. And … as should be evident to everyone by this point … the audit is RIGGED to prevent any questions being raised about the legitimacy of the Presidential race.

We already know the 2020 election was rigged (“fortified”), so it should come as no surprise that the same people who were involved in and/or supported rigging … sorry, I mean “fortifying” … the election would rig the Windham audit.

That people are surprised … even shocked … shows just how desperately they wish to believe that their government still works for them and that the Republican Party actually cares about its voters. This Windham thing shows that wishing and having are very different things.