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So, Gracie Gato Accuses US of Being Obsessive?

Gracie Gato 2

I would have thought, given how NH rejected her, she would have said “end of that chapter, start of a new one” and left NH in her rearview mirror. No such luck.

She decided, much to my surprise, to actually contact me directly (I do hope she read our FAQs about emailing us, though). To no one’s surprise, the “look and feel” of her email is just about what anyone here would expect.

And yes, some light editing because her self-acknowledged (on Twitter) potty mouth wasn’t just because she was here in NH and “it upset GOPpers” – she’s continued it even as she decamped back to California and is submerged back into her Progressive home. But, it’s yet another case, seemingly, when she just can’t let go – and displays the same attitude that turned her off to so many here in NH:

From: “Gracie Gato” <>
To: “” <>
Cc: “George Hamblen” <>
Sent: 5/3/2021 2:24:24 AM
Subject: Grace Gato – Filmmaker at work!


Why are you people still talking so much sh**? Why are you so obsessed with what I’m up to? The latest “article” was so badly written I shared it with friends and family. They got a laugh as I read it out over glasses of red wine during dinner. They want to know what drugs you are on.

I searched my name on your website and the you have two pages worth of blogs written about me. Why? I’m curious.  I only check the blog when my stats show unusual activity. Sure enough – there you go again. We are in the middle of a producing a documentary. We are not writing articles right now. We are writing content. I tagged one of my business partners on this for shits and giggles. Hell – I added a few on bcc because this is too funny.

However – if you want to be a part of my documentary. Here’s my contact email. We need someone of your caliber (lol)  to even things out. You interested? Los Angeles based production company is looking into information in regards to Chuck Douglas and st Mary’s. She’s been bccd on this email in case she wants to move forward with an interview with you.

I have real work to do.

Get help sunshine!



So now she’s threatening former NH Supreme Court Justice, Chuck Douglas now? Why am I not surprised?

Of course, after writing about what she has written for a couple of years, the light switch still hasn’t gone on even after I thought I had made it really clear (a number of times) WHY GraniteGrok kept writing about what she said. So I decided to make it more obvious – and why not, given that blog fodder she keeps sending our way:

From: “Skip” <>
To: “Gracie Gato” <>
Cc: “George Hamblen” <>
Sent: 5/3/2021 10:41:31 AM
Subject: Re: Grace Gato – Filmmaker at work!

Remember at your outset, you said that you were going to bury GraniteGrok with your Granite State Buzz – we took it as a challenge.

Just as you are turning NH into your documentary, you were the perfect example of “not from heah” Progressive for “mine”; someone who had a very condescending attitude towards everyone “not you” here in NH and was easy to spotlight in a place where a lot of people resent that attitude highly.  You just failed to either realize it or learn from it.

You came to NH with a full head of steam all willing to change everyone already here into being “you” and hated it when both Right AND Left (you certainly ticked off a lot of Democrats – bad enough such that I was contacted by them) refused to deal with you. You did it to yourself and then complained when everyone couldn’t take you anymore.  You simply reverted to being the Victim and flayed out at everyone – nothing was ever your fault. People don’t like that here. If you had taken the time to learn that NH is not California, if you had bothered to learn the Culture instead of disparaging it and then setting about to change it, and if you had been patient to learn about others instead of going off half-cocked with the hubris that you knew what was best for everyone, guess what?

You would have never made it onto the pages of GraniteGrok. Because if you had done all that, it would have shown you were respectful of others. But you didn’t – you doubled down.

Humility, by your own words, is not your strong suit.

And no, I’m not interested in participating mainly because of your past words, I don’t trust you. That’s something else you failed to learn during your stint here – trust must be earned and in NH, it takes a long, LONG time to earn.

Worst of all, I also note that you failed to mention that I wished you well in returning back home and that I was sorry to see that your divorce was a major part of that. I also wished that you would find happiness going forward as well.

I still hold to those.

Co-Founder, co-owner

So, filmmaker? From a bit player in a software scandal to the major player title? Good luck to her – again, I wish her well. Hope it works out better for her than Granite State Buzz did and her run for the NH House.

I’m betting that she won’t be able to stop – and if this “documentary” comes to fruition, I’m betting that “the fix will be in” as far as its presentation of me and GraniteGrok.

Again, Progressives can’t ever apologize, say they’re sorry, or take ownership of their actions – I expect no less from Gracie. But anyone will be able to come here to GraniteGrok and see everything – just like her unhinged kissin’ cousin Jan Schmidt.