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Policies and FAQs


Skip Murphy (majority owner) and Steve MacDonald (minority owner, not that kind of minority) own GraniteGrok.com.

Everything you see here is retained as our intellectual (such as it is) property. We retain all rights and copyrights to all material.

We do not own any advertisements that we may or may not have on the site, nor any other material that we may use or republish with permission.

The only exception is third-party material that we have included with respect to lawful “fair use” for information, education, or context.

“Owners” of third-party content shared for educational, informational, or contextual purposes on GraniteGrok.com can request we add notes identifying ownership, the addition of a source link to the original material, or you may email skip@granitegrok.com or steve@granitegrok.com and ask us to remove it.

Once we verify that you are the legitimate owner of that material, it will be removed.

Comments (General)

We are not sentient.  The existence of inappropriate comments is not an endorsement by GraniteGrok.com or any of its authors, sponsors, advertisers, donors, readers, or anyone else but the author of that comment.

GraniteGrok.com is not responsible for commenters’ content. We will at our discretion or the direction of the community remove obviously inappropriate comments and reserve the right to suspend or ban commenters for repeated bad behavior.

Commenters retain all rights to their comments, but by posting them here we get to use them any way we see fit.

See Comments below for greater detail.


All communications with us unless otherwise specified may be made public at our discretion.

As with third-party content shared here those wishing to share our content please abide by Fair Use (Title 17, Section 107).

If you use our material, please link to the original content.

If you want to use our material other than for your personal use, please email us for permission. Failing that there is no other right to use, reproduce, transmit, license, sell, or use content from GraniteGrok.com without prior written consent.

Please note that Shared Content which includes Op-Ed’s, Letters to the Editor, or Press Releases may not necessarily reflect the views of GraniteGrok.com.



We are not doctors or lawyers or Financial Advisors to name a few so under no circumstance are we offering medical advice, or legal advice, or investing advice, or any other sort of advice. This is a news and opinion blog. We may report on or discuss research, papers, commentary, and the “expert” or amateur opinion of others but that is not an endorsement or recommendation of these opinions. That is up to you and the professionals you trust and consult.


Free Speech

As the benevolent tyrant of GraniteGrok, I own it and pay the bills, so I get to make all the rules (yup, he who has the gold makes the rules). We can say whatever we want and anytime we want – you may not. It is our right and your privilege to post here. The First Amendment does not apply to us, only to the government (….shall not abridge….).

As LaShawn Barber says “On this blog, your speech is a privilege. On your blog, your speech is a right. Learn the distinction.”


Comments (Again, but with more feeling)

UPDATE (2/7/2018): Needed because of trolls

Rule #1 – Adult themes, kid friendly.  Don’t post something that would cause little Johnny and Janie to run to Mommy and Daddy to ask “what does this mean?” because I’m the guy who gets the call or the email and I have better things to do.

Rule #2 – Write what you want. Sure, we are a site for the most part focused on politics and culture, but if something amuses you, have at it.

The troll problem.

  • Rule #3 – Don’t be a troll.  If I judge that you are, I will ban you.  You might get a warning but you might not – that is at my whim.  The decision to ban is final.
  • Rule #4 – We need to be able to see your DISQUS home/account page.  I have disabled GUEST commenting.  If you wish to comment here, you will need to open a public DISQUS account first.  Apologies to our regular commenters – you may now need to verify your email addresses with DISQUS before continuing; blame the trolls.


We want and desire your comments! Keep them clean, literate, and logical. AND you do not have to agree with us at all (although we will try to convert you!).

Please try to Stay on topic.

Comments will be moderated so we can stay ahead of spamming, unkind/illiterate/idiotic commenters, and trolls.

Comments will be posted as we (or our minions) can get to them (and if we feel like staying out on Lake Winneapsaukee or over at Gunstock Ski area for a while, you may have to wait a bit).

Any comment that finally makes it through does not necessarily reflect our views – you can disagree with us at any time.

Obscene, abusive, silly, off-topic, or annoying remarks will be deleted (well, we may allow silly comments, but be warned – you may be made sport of!).

The fact that particular comments remain on the site in no way means that we agree/endorse them. We are not responsible for the content in the comments.

We will not be editing your comments. What you write is yours and we are too busy to fix anything. Please know, however, that we retain the right to use it any way we want, or simply delete it.

Starting a flame war will get you banned, ditto for foul language, foul intentions, issue slurs, libel, or threatening to cause physical harm to anyone or their families.

Calling us names we don’t like? – deleted!

Attacking people – banned.

Go for the throat of the argument, not the person. And if you are going after the argument, be prepared to back it up – just throwing out assertion after assertion will end up with us throwing you out.

Basically, be a jerk somewhere else – not here.

We may try to warn you that you are heading over the cliff with your content, or not (consider us as beneficial despots). If we determine we don’t want your insulting ways, we will ban you. However, If you think you should be able to comment but can’t, email us and we will struggle to try to fix what we don’t know is wrong (mistakes! Sure thing we do them – sometimes over and over just for the heck of it!).

Registration – we may be doing it in the future depending on the spam level. Also, we will ask you to affirm that you are 18 or older – this site is not for children (either age-wise or knowledge-wise).

This is our house, not yours. Be nice and you get to stay for a while. Being not nice will result in you finding the cyber portal to our cyber home real quick.


Look in About or Contact Us to reach us by email.

Anything you send us is fair game and may be used on the site. Exceptions to this policy include if you ask us not to; however, if we judge the email to be nasty, we may still publish it to skewer poor judgment or lack of critical thinking.

Because we have lives outside of the blogosphere and are married to other people and not this blog, emails may go unanswered. This will be especially true if we become roaring successes and get millions of hits a day. Otherwise, we will make a good-faith effort to respond to some/many/most emails.


Adult themes, kid-friendly.  However, we consider this a site not for children. Not that it contains p*_o*_r *_n material or ideas, we expect and are looking for grown-up debates. Generally, our content will be child-friendly but might be above their heads (or adult liberals that think like kids too).


Your data is your data. We sell NOTHING to no one. Heck, we don’t have time to look at it ourselves.

If you send us an email – we may still use all or part of it if it amuses us (see above, Email).

What you write on a DISQUS comment is between you and DISQUS for ‘privacy’ – just like emails, we may respond to that DISQUS content you wrote and even post about it but beyond that, we don’t care about the other data associated with it.

If you voluntarily sign up for the Daily ‘Grok (we use MailChimp),  you give us permission to use it and you’ll get our daily eblast and, in the future, perhaps other emails as well – your data is then between you and MailChimp.

We have also turned on advertising. If you click on those ads, again, your data is between you and them, not us. Ditto anything else we may have on the site for our benefit.

Again, we won’t give, rent, or sell that info or any other data of yours that passes to or through us to anyone else. Period.  Get the picture? Don’t like it then don’t click it. See? Easy-peasy!  Even a Progressive should be able to grok it.

Mostly because we’re too lazy to bother and we don’t care.  We only care that you come to visit and perhaps leave comments. We’d rather be writing about things that amuse us.


We are not a monolithic collective. Our authors do not always agree and that includes candidates in primaries or even general elections. Individual authors may write about, promote, or endorse (or take to the woodshed) whomever they choose.

Different ‘Grok authors may endorse competing candidates in the same race. These are not an endorsement by GraniteGrok.com.

Writing about candidates, even in a positive light,  is not an endorsement by an author or this Website.

If you do not see the word “endorsement” none should be implied.

When we do endorse as authors we encourage each to be clear that this is their intention.

When we endorse as a website (as GraniteGrok.com) it is based on a majority of our author’s votes on a selected race. When we do endorse as a website the words GraniteGrok or GraniteGrok.com  Endorses (name of candidate) will be conspicuous so there is no doubt; with the understanding that this is based on a majority of author’s preferences.  It does not obligate authors who opposed the Site choice to support the endorsed candidate and they are free to endorse whomever they choose individually and to write about that on GraniteGrok.com.

If you are unclear about whether GraniteGrok has endorsed a candidate please email either:


We will endeavor to answer you as soon as we are able but when in doubt, we did not endorse.


Please Remember!

We try to get our information correct, but sometimes, we don’t. So don’t think we are the be-all or end-all source of complete information! We ASK you to double-check what we say with other blogs – it keeps us honest, you get better informed, and the world will be a happier place for all (right…..)