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Masks & Vaccines Macht Frei

Masks & Vaccines Macht Frei

I was in one of my favorite local area bakeries, family-owned. A classic small business which, preferentially, I support even if more expensive than the same product at a chain store. They have been following the mandatory mask ordinance of Nashua (which is in the process of being dropped).

I asked if they were going to remove the mandatory mask sign as well and was told they were thinking about it. Fine so far, and I chimed in with my vote to drop it. Then the woman said: “Well, maybe for people who show their vaccine cards.”

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Screeeeeech. Wait, what? I told them that if I need to show my papers they’d better ask in the original German, and that’s the last time I will ever go in their store. The clerk, understandably, was “Hey, I just work here,” so I told her to pass that along to the owners.

This whole bovine scatology of “Well, it’s OK, because it’s not the government doing it” just doesn’t cut it – which is what inspired the cartoon.

Masks & Vaccines Macht Frei


And recalling to memory one of my favorites, Democula: Eager to Devour. For it certainly seems like the Democrats are ready to consume America and, by extension, Western Civilization too – down to its very soul.


Democula - Eager to Devour

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