Lessons (Advice) for Victims of Left-Wing Domestic Terrorism (So, All of Us) - Granite Grok

Lessons (Advice) for Victims of Left-Wing Domestic Terrorism (So, All of Us)

Ocean breakwater

We were called racists long before it was cool. Bigots, sexists, patriarchal haters. Our response? Tell everyone about it and take no (rhetorical) prisoners. We refuse to live in a world where culture warriors unchallenged can detonate#Woke roadside bombs at the first sign of awkward elocution to ruin lives.

Glenn Reynolds, writing at the NY Post, has good news on that front. IN a piece titles How to beat the #woke, he outlines lessons we took to heart years ago. Tools essential to anyone who has to function in a world where everything is political and self-proclaimed gatekeepers (Democrats) have the emotional maturity of a three-year-old.

First, to borrow from Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Don’t Panic. If they are after you, the odds are good that you have done something that threatens their twisted orthodoxy. Do it again. Keep doing it. Do more of it.


According to news reports, the Loudoun Stalinists put together a list of people opposing their policies and planned to “hack” them, “expose” them and “infiltrate” them. Did Prior chicken out?   … No. He [Ian Prior, of Loudoun County, Va [called them out, he mocked them, and he made sure the whole thing got as much attention as possible.




Call the mob out for what it is: a bunch of bad people trying to pretend they stand for something moral. Going after people for their political views this way isn’t an act of morality. It’s an attempt at political terrorism, and it’s un-American.


Finally, stick together. If you give up ground to the Left, they will never give it back. You will have to fight hard to retake that ground, if ever. It is easier to keep it. To do that, you need to not just stand on principle – regardless of which direction an attack comes – but with people who defend freedom and liberty.

One of the most offensive things I see people on the right do when the Left stomps its foot and pouts is thinking it is easier or better to give them what they want. That may be what irks me most about Governor Sununu and the matter of Critical Race Theory. He’d rather give up that ground than fight for it – but once it’s gone, we’ll never get it back.

Not only will your kids be taught they are inherently racist but that there is no salvation. No penance. Ever.

You wouldn’t let your babysitter or a daycare worker get away with that, but you’d allow it to become institutionalized into public education?

The idea is no less abhorrent than teaching kids that slavery never happened.

Remember, we’re not talking about criminal behavior; we’re speaking to their habit for public lynchings. But nearly every attack from the left is an empty threat that collapses if you apply enough opposing pressure. But don’t stop there.

Teach them a lesson. That when they come for you, it will not be easy. You will not back down, and you will never abandon your brothers and sisters on matters of principle.

If you can be the breakwater that keeps the harbor safe and they will come to stand behind you. Hold up the leaders in front of you.  And lead as soon as you feel you are ready.