I Cannot Find the Cleverness to Justify Discrimination Now, Either to Others or to Myself - Granite Grok

I Cannot Find the Cleverness to Justify Discrimination Now, Either to Others or to Myself

To combat past racism, you need to be a current racist. That’s what Professor Thomas Sowell is refusing to do or believe:

“I’m old-fashioned enough to be against [affirmative action] simply because it is wrong,” he [Sowell] said in a 1986 letter to a Reagan administration official who had asked him for his thoughts on racial-preference policies. “Having been forced by birth to be on the receiving end of discrimination for many years, I cannot find the cleverness to justify discrimination now, either to others or to myself. And if I now reduce this issue to a pragmatic question of whose ox is gored, then what right did I have to be indignant before?”


Critical Race Theory and Black Lives Matter both demands that Discrimination is necessary to carry out their ideology.  That because it was Whites that formerly discriminated against Blacks in US History, it is now perfectly fine and EXPECTED that Discrimination against Whites is the norm.

After centuries of said behavior, it’s time for Whitey to suffer the same thing. Tit for Tat, so there.

What was done in the past was wrong. What is also wrong is to demand that we who didn’t participate in that discrimination pay a penalty for that discrimination.

What is worse is the “group guilt” mentality that CRT and BLM are trying to place upon a free nation. That if you are part of an Identity Group that did wrong in the past, you are still liable for that reparation now.

For the first time in US history, we are morphing from “Innocent until proven guilty” on an individual basis to a “Guilty and there is NO Innocence” on your skin color identity group as defined by the Progressives/Socialists/Race-baiters.

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)