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Your State Senate is Doing The Governor’s Bidding


Word on the street is that the Senate thinks Gov. Chris Sununu did nothing wrong by acting like a king for the past year, and they aren’t willing to cross him, especially because he’s “in the same party” and “so very popular.” (Insert negative exclamation!)

Here’s the bad news:

  • Sections 76 and 77 of the budget that would have ended the State of Emergency upon passage of the budget in June were removed in the Senate Finance Committee by an amendment proposed by Senate President Chuck Morse. Even worse: RebuildNH endorsed Sen. Bob Giuda seconded the motion and it passed 7-0. Traditionally pro-liberty Sen. Gary Daniels, Sen. Erin Hennessey, and Sen. John Reagan were other disappointing votes on this motion.
  • A Senate committee recommended the Senate retain HB 440, the Civil Liberties Defense Act, effectively killing it in committee. There is no reason to study whether constitutional liberties should be suspended during a State of Emergency. We know the answer is “NO!”
    A Senate committee passed an amendment, significantly weakening HB 542, the Religious Liberty Act, but at least it moved the bill along to the Senate floor. Perhaps the Senate can be convinced to pass this bill from the floor without the amendment?
  • Rep. John Sytek from Salem walked out of the room for the House Executive Departments and Administration executive session, denying the committee the number of votes needed to pass the amendment to SB 155 that would have prohibited a vaccine passport.

Here’s some Good News:

  • RebuildNH reps are working on an effort to advance the amendment on the floor of the House.
    Here’s some good news: A Senate Finance committee motion failed 2-5 to remove the language in Section 332 from the budget. This was the language from HB 63 that would return fines to businesses that violated the governor’s emergency orders. So this is still good to go. A motion to add an amendment to SB 123 was adopted to prohibit most employers from requiring a COVID-19 vaccine, but if the vaccine is authorized by the FDA, the protection ends.
    ⭐️⭐️ TAKE ACTION ⭐️⭐️
    Find your Senator and contact them about the emergency powers reforms in the budget, asking them to restore language there to ensure the governor cannot veto these reforms. Tell them to support the House version of the budget. Explain to them that HB 440 is a common-sense bill that codifies constitutional protections and corrects many of the wrongs of the past year and that there is no reason not to pass it as is. Let them know that they should pass the House version of HB 542 without amendment.
  • Find your Representative and ask them to pass the amendment to SB 155 from the floor of the House to ban vaccine passports, and ask them to stand by their version of the budget that includes emergency powers reforms. Ask them to support SB 123, as amended. The House meets next in session on June 3 and June 4.
  • SIGN AND SHARE our petition to BAN VACCINE PASSPORTS. Help SEND A MESSAGE to the legislators. We cannot stand for medical apartheid, and the rights of the People must be protected! We need THOUSANDS of signers to convince the representatives that this is the will of the People. SHARE SHARE SHARE! We will present the petitions to the House in advance of the vote.
  • Contact Rep. John Sytek and let him know what you think about his political maneuver, particularly if you live in Salem.