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HB544 is Fighting AGAINST Divisive Concepts (Like all Whites are RACISTS!)

CRT - bad for your kids

It’s time to set the record straight about HB544, which aims to ban “Divisive Concepts” and Critical Race Theory. CRT is neo-Marxism merged with Nazi propaganda: it replaces Jews as the scapegoats with white people in general.

CRT uses Divisive Concepts to degrade people. Once you start degrading people, it becomes easy to dehumanize them. We know from history that the Nazis degraded and dehumanized Jews and others, blaming them for their problems, before stripping them of their dignity and human rights.  This led to genocide.

If Germany in the 1920s had a law like HB544, banning “divisive concepts,” the Holocaust may very well have been avoided.

CRT does exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews, but instead does it to white people as a group.  The opposition claims HB544 violates free speech and prohibits the teaching of history or teaching about racism.  On the contrary!  HB544 allows teaching about Nazis but prohibits teaching one to “be” a Nazi.

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Marxism/socialism failed to take hold in the U.S. with its intended division by class warfare, mainly because of our class mobility.  Marxists decided to change this class antagonism to race/ethnicity and gender, thus creating CRT.

The end goal is the same: to collapse society and capitalism and reform the world to their utopian vision.  I know this because it was made abundantly clear to me by my Marxist radical feminist philosophy professor, among others.  Luckily, I was a well-rounded and skeptical enough philosophy student and didn’t fall for this new, nihilistic, deconstructionist groupthink.

Fast forward to today and we now have multiple generations trained like dancing circus bears in this dysfunctional philosophy.  They are all hopped up on indignant self-righteousness, thinking they have found the Rosetta Stone to an eternal truth when in fact all they have is rhetoric and propaganda that is dangerous, divisive, and self-destructive.  We need to pass HB544.

Representative Julius F. Soti
Windham, NH


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