One Effect of the State Treating Us like Irresponsible Children... - Granite Grok

One Effect of the State Treating Us like Irresponsible Children…

Infantilization of the American Citizen

Sometimes, it just needs to be said. Pun Salad:

A good amount of that is the normal irritating “I wish the authorities would make those other people behave.” But some of it seems to be “I wish they’d tell me how to behave.”

I’ve long (and tiresomely) said that one effect of the state treating us like irresponsible children is that more adults will start acting like irresponsible children. I think that’s the unfortunate story here.

And we see that now with the current crop of Socialists in DC yelping that they have to send more and MORE money out to us as MORE “COVID Relief money”. Socialist Squad member Rashida Tlaib has been beating the drum to have Treasury send out $2,000/month to every American.  That alone (for 300 million Americans, for a round number) is $7.2 Trillion /year.  Bad enough, depending on the age of your child, you’ll start getting a paid out tax refund of $300/month or more. Mark my words, it’ll become permanent.

With an overall US Unemployment rate of 6% – which used to be considered pretty good (until Trump’s economy went supercharged and forced it into 2.5% territory) – we’re in a HORRIBLE economy where no one can feed their families? Sure, blue States are worse off (like California that has done it to itself with a 9.9% unemployment rate).  Yet, EVERYONE needs Dollars from DC?

We’re being groomed to believe we are entitled to more and much more of other peoples’ stuff – and always looking to Government for whatever ails (or offends us) to solve the problem. Like irresponsible children that can’t do for themselves. The Left is grooming to outsource our very being to them – as long as dollars flow.

Pun Salad has the right of it – the infantilization of American adults continues apace. You’re being bribed to be stupid, lazy, and indolent. What made America great, self-reliance and self-sufficiency, is being bred right out of us.

Including the historical knowledge that this grooming ALWAYS ends up badly.